Shornciffe Redoubt - saving our heritage

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Shorncliffe_Rifles, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. Dear All,

    I am currently in final negotiations with the MOD to secure Shorncliffe Redoubt, WWI trench system and 40 acres of Kent for the nation.

    Shorncliffe Redoubt was made famous by Sir John Moore and his trainning of the 95th, 52nd and 43rd in 1803 and the formation of the Light Infantry brigade.

    We are planning to turn this site into a heritage park and museum dedicated to the Light Infantry regiments and the Canadian soldiers who trainned there in WWI.

    If you would like to be part of this leading Napoleonic and WWI project visit Shorncliffe Redoubt

    We are commemorating the 200th Anniversary of Corunna - see news section for more information.

    Chris Shaw
    Shorncliffe Redoubt Preservation Society
  2. Sorry, Chris, but the link came back as 'forbidden - do not have the required privileges'!

    If you want to generate some interest I suggest posting on the following forum, which is pretty much regarded as the WW1 forum on the web:
  3. ok 4 me at home
  4. OK in Australia
  5. Linky OK down here as well. Interesting site. Bought to mind my old

    English literature teacher, Jimmy Charlton, ex Royal Navy and a real fan

    of all things military and made us learn heaps of stuff off by heart.

    I wonder how many of you remember having to learn the poem by

    Charles Wolfe, "Not a drum was heard, not a funeral note,

    As his corse to the ramparts we carried.

    Not a soldier discharged his farewell shot,

    O'er the grave where our hero we buried."

    The Death of Sir John Moore, still in my head after almost sixty years.

    Good luck Chris.
  6. The link works now! Probably didn't earlier as I was trying to access it very late after work - site maintenance, perhaps?
    Indeed, an interesting site. Good luck with the project.
  7. Very interesting site , good luck to all associated with the project. I hope the government will put some money towards this worthwhile project.