Shoreditch Shim.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Throbbing_Gurth, Nov 5, 2010.

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  1. So last weekend I ventured into Shoreditch, a place in London for all you halfwits and ventured into a fruity looking cocktail bar thingymajiggy with my entourage the place is bustling fool of hipsters hot looking gash and general london dwelling knobbers. So anyway I spot this hot looking 'chick' and decide to bop over and and have a word in its ear, turns out within 2 minutes of talking I clock all is not as it should be, i.e adams apple slightly deeper voice and general sassyness, so realising the situation I do a little nod and usher said shim towards the smoking area in case my fellow drinking buddys got eyes on and clocked I was chatting up a what ever you call it these days. Long story short got its number and im planning on ringing tonight and getting balls deep inside it, never in my life has transgender sexual escapades entered my mind before but im quite excited by it all and have a stiff one as I type just thinking about it. :crash:
  2. Erm...good luck.

    Hang on, isn't that where the Gren Guards Mortar Platoon drink?
  3. Dont be daft, this place requires a decent standard of apperance.
  4. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    While you're planning to go balls deep in her she's planning on going balls deep in you. Be prepared

    Sent from a blackberry using tapatalk. Perhaps I should experiment with an easier thread? What's that your Mongness? Oh, ok. I'm sure it'll work
  5. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Yeah I'm really looking forward to your call. We still on for Hampstead Heath at 7? Meet me in the car park behind the Jack Straws Castle.

    Bring Swarfega.
  6. Legs, be gentle with him.
  7. If at any stage you should discover on it's person a tattoo of an exploding potato or anything resembling a bearskin replete with white plume, pull out, stick your old chap in it's mouth and suffocate the Mars Bar eating cunt whilst wildly chanting 'I am second to none'. He'll get the fucking message.

    Upon hearing this his CSgt may turn up with some backup, in which case you may want to do one lest you end up with an arsehole like a hippo's yawn.
  8. Car park? Swarfega? Planning a bit of car maintenance??
  9. Remember, what happens in the shim, stays in the shim. :bow:
  10. She's not getting anywhere near my ring, Im demanding it's her place or nowhere. And for Arrse's pleasure I will try to hide my phone beaneath a sock and get some camera footage of the main event.

    Just realised im now referring to it as "she". Wish me luck.
  11. Be funny if she's got a bigger cock than you.
  12. Thought that you'd be out at HMS St. Albans currently parked up at South Key (Canary Wharf) at the moment. A bit cool for an on deck soiree last night. Your name did come up in conversation.
  13. That would be a real bummer.

    Made the call, im moving out at 1900 hours.
  14. I'm hoping that in the next hour Throbbing_Gurth is slipped a roofie and then spends the rest of the night lapsing in and out of consciousness whilst he gets his hoop stretched.
  15. My favourites are the ones that bear children, marry ect then after a bit of alcoholism and therapy have their cock and balls snipped and moulded into the shape of a prolapsed arrsehole before rocking back up at the family home and forcing their nippers to accompany them to Miss Sixty for sparkly knickers and headbands.

    Filthy sodomites but suffice to say I may let one of the prettier thai ones eat my willy when I land there in figures few ....