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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Miss_Harvey, Feb 2, 2007.

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  1. Thank goodness I have found this forum!!

    Let me explain, tomorrow I have to take my brother shopping to buy the things he needs for Sandhurst in May. Now, I don't claim to know anything about this sort of thing, so that's where you may be able to help. What sort of non-work things does he need...sports jacket etc?

    Please forgive my real lack of knowledge! If you do reply, please give me lots of detail. Shopping for myself I can do, but this is alien to me!

    I hope it was ok to use this forum.

    Thanks in advance!

    Miss Harvey
  2. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    You may have missed out Miss H - all the hoofficers I know will have long gone by 1200 hrs on a Friday.
  3. Shows how much I know! Thanks for your reply. I will be 'shopping blind' tomorrow then. I am guessing my brother will have some sort of list to go by. Wish me luck!!

  4. What he will need is:

    1. A few good quality shirts that means double cuffs, no button down collars and no breast pocket. Cufflinks to go with said shirts.

    2. A good quality suit, I would suggest double breasted, should have a double vent at the back, 4 buttons on the cuffs. Go for something traditional and not flashy or shiny, if you go for a single breasted suit make sure it is not a footballer style one with a high collar.

    3. Decent black shoes.

    I could go on but he won't be wearing his own clothes much for the first 5 weeks so it isn't really that important and one of the myths about Sandhurst is true your platoon commander does check what you wear before your first long weekend and give advice. There is a tailors on camp (or at least there was when I was there where).

    Some of this he may already have so can be left until he knows what he needs / what he wants.

    It is worth buying some decent trainers as well.

    hope that helps.....
  5. Thank you Peter, that has really helped. Would you be able to describe what I should look for in terms of a sports jacket, I'm sure that is one of the things he mentined from his list.

    Thanks again,

  6. You can't go too wrong with sports jackets, try to get a subdued, traditional check, well cut that fits well. I am sure that, as I mentioned before, for the first five weeks he will be in uniform or PT kit or overalls so it is not too much of a problem if he doesn't have a sports jacket.

    I am ready to be corrected by someone who has recently finished or is still at Sandhurst.

    Good luck to you and your brother!
  7. and of course (although my wife really disagrees with this) a three piece TWEED suit will go down a storm!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Also just remember before you go buying quantities of anything, his shape is likely to drastically change once he gets away from his sister's care.
  9. Red cordrouy trousers?
  10. That is so passe darling........mustard is the colour of the day.
  11. Miss H,

    If I may be so bold, try the following link. A lot of officers buy their shirts etc from Charles Tyrwhitt and it will give you an idea of what is generally considered acceptable:

    Rgds and a peck on one of your cheeks (your choice which one)

  12. I am pretty sure he will have a list of what is needed provided things havent changed too much in the last 8 years!

    Shed loads of wooden coat hangers (and a few trouser hangers) and the best iron money can buy and he won't go far wrong.

    As long as he has an 'acceptable' suit, some decent (leather soled) shoes then he won't get bounced too much. Don't get hung up on the sports jacket, he will get issued a Sandhurst battle blazer while he is there (these things are bullet proof) which he can wear instead.

    Good luck!
  13. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Also (for keeping kit in good order):

    Decent ironing board
    Pair of boot brushes
    Selvyt cloths (like fine dusters), kiwi polish (black and brown) and block of beeswax
    Small gas burner (for burning down brown shoes/george boots)
    Clothes brush and lint roller
    Metal polish and dusters (not selvyt, cheap ones will do)
    Spray starch
    Iron-in name tags

    There's more, but it was a long time ago...
  14. Alarm clock
    Small (battery) radio
    "Housewife" (sewing kit - lots of green/brown thread)
    Leatherman (or equivalent multi tool)
    A couple of padlocks &spare keys were useful in my day (comment from anyone else?).

    Good Luck!!
  15. Also a good reliable/robust watch (but nothing too expensive).