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Yep, again here i ask for advice.
The wife received an e-mail from a friend suggesting a website offering good deals for electronic equipment, and after having a look i am slightly dubious mainly as the site is quite cheap and has spelling mistakes on the front page.

Has anyone heard of this site or indeed purchased goods from them?

Shopping Website

Worthwhile using them?
I bought some nintendos DS consoles from China via ebay and had no dramas although I did get a bill from customs for £28 VAT before they were forwarded onto me.

I would be wary of using the website as the likelyhood of getting your money back if something goes pete tong is low, at least through Ebay your money is more secure with Paypal and there is more incentive for the seller to screw the nut to keep their positive feedback score high.


Stay away from that site. eBay and reputable UK based websites are your best bet, as long as you're either paying via Paypal with a credit card or directly with a credit card that offers internet fraud protection.
I once bought an item off eBay and received a fake. Paypal did nothing about it because the seller provided proof of delivery (they didn't care if the delivered item was a fake or if I received an empty box) but I kept pestering my credit card about it until I got my money back in full. I then went to purchase the same item, again from eBay, but this time from a reputable power seller. I'm chuffed to bits now :-D

eBay US is far cheaper than us, but you do play a different level there regarding fraud issues, so as a general rule, I only ever buy from americans if the feedback is stupidily high and if they ship via Fedex, UPS or DHL.
It's all common sense. If it's too good to be true, it probably is.
I would avoid any online retailer that uses an MSN account for its email and 'live chat' facility. BTW they use a hotmail account for their Paypal account!
I thought so, Mrs ACC thought that it would be a good idea to use them until i pointed out the spelling mistakes on the front page and now everyone here has come to the same conclusion. Might be an idea to not use them!!
Cheers lads.
biggest problem is payment side doesnt use https so any info you send goes in clear text and gets sniffed off the wire by everybody in the universe!!

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