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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by watto135, May 2, 2007.

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  1. MODs not susre if in the right forum feel free to move it !!!!

    Hello all off to Germany next week for a BAFMA event staying a transit camp near munster for a 3 or 4 days during the event

    last year we visited the small px at JHQ i think it was, but were else is there to shop locally

    heard that there is a good dutch px at gelsenkirchen can we use that

    any help from guys located in the area appreciated

    cheers watto
  2. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    The PX at RhineD is about the same size as the average singly NAAFI shop.You can get some good stuff there & often they have a BBQ outside when the weather is good.
    GielenKirchen's PX is a lot larger & the's a brilliant little resturaunt over the road.(Took my Dad there when he came to visit,got a f*ck off massive steak for around 2Dm<I was there 87-92)
    Everyone was alowed to use it as it's a NATO AWACS base.You had to hand over your ID/Passport at the guard room & you're given a base pass.(well,we did when I was there)
    Dunno if it's still the same but if you go to a local Herman shop & buy a crate of beer,you get 1/3 back when you return the empties.
    You lucky Barsteward! You'l enjoy Gemany!!!lol
  3. To shop at any US base you need a special pass now - so you won't be able to shop at those unless you can get a pass squared away. You can use the PX at JHQ but it's not great.

  4. The PX at JHQ is good for cheap gerbers/jeans, but thats about it.....apart from food, just about everything else (alcohol/tobacco) you need a ration card for...
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Forgot about the ration card!I thought they would've ditched those when the Euro came in!
  6. Nope, its still alive and kicking....The crayshee Dutch bastards in their PX wouldnt sell me a pen, or a box of lego without one....
  7. Lumpy the crayshee dutch you talk about is this at gelsenkirchen can you use it with a ration card then
  8. The PX at Gilenkerken (or however you spell it) will not let you on to camp in a vehicle unless its BFG'd (you need your fuel ration card) or a service vehicle with a works ticket.
    Also, as previosly posted you can't get owt without a ration card.
  9. Watto, get your map out and establish where Gielenkirchen AB (NATO air base operated by the Germans is. If you look at your map it is SW Of JHQ. It is about 40 mins drive. Once you arrive at the layby by the main gate as said before, you need a passport and ID. If you are in a civvie car, you need your BFG 73 to verify you are stationed overseas.They will not let you on site without one. I am not sure about Military Vehicles and what is required. The JHQ Bx is good for cheep beer and wine.
  10. Is there an echo in here?
  11. I have looked the only palce i can find on the map is spelt Gelsenkirchen
    east of dusborg

    i have been lead to beleive that the dutch have a px at the air base there thats the place i want to visit along with the JHQ PX

    we are also trying to get ration cards issued so we can shop at these places

  12. The place is Geilenkirchen which is right on the dutch border opposite Heerlen/Brunssum. The shop is called NATEX and is split into 3 shops - Food, clothes and electronic/household goods. Your ID is enough to shop, you only need a ration card for rationed goods, ie spirits and tobacco/fags. Getting on the base is a different matter, but should be able to get a pass as long as you have your passport and id and all your car docs. When I was posted here last feb my car was still a uk reg one and I had to show all the docs and have my passport. I reg see brits shopping here, infact the place is full of them, mainly because they dont always mark your ration card properly or in some cases not at all. This is from the horses mouth as I am still here and use it most days. There is also a small px but it is crap due to being so small, unless you are into buying Spam uniforms....
  13. thats brillant thanks

    we hope to vsit it next friday morning, now i have found it on the map

    vehicle should not be a problem we will be in mill vehicles any way

    cheers guys any other info still welcomed

    we are coming over thursday so if you no anything good to do thursday nights near Lavesum, Haltern area let me know

  14. Mate unless you're happy to drive 50km, Haltern is not a good night on the the piss.
    Take a carryout with you.
  15. Cheers for the info