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Shopping For Christmas Presents for SWMBO & Other Pointless Exercises


Book Reviewer
Kids have both got decent presents, iphone ear things for daughter and rock climbing boots for son plus a few cheap bits and pieces to give them something to open.

Neither of us want anything particular. Her wardrobe has a door into Narnia at the back 'cos that's the only way she can fit that amount of clothes into it. She bought a new waterproof jacket when we were last up in the lakes (in between lockdowns). So it's a bottle of her favourite moderately expensive smelly stuff plus a few bits and bobs that will make her smile when she opens them.

I know that I have a bottle of Penderyn (son is at Swansea Uni and drives past the distillery on the way home) :) and there are a few other bits and pieces under the tree with my name on them that I haven't investigated.

TBH, I'll be happy to park myself on the sofa and listen to some music via my PC and earphones. My job is the washing up and SWMBO can make the kitchen look like the Somme when she's cooking, but I'm fine with that.

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