shopping for bacon.

Discussion in 'Sick Jokes' started by DrStealth, Jul 20, 2012.

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  1. I was in tescos yesterday and a Jew was at the counter paying with a credit card and she was taking ages.

    under my breath I muttered, "hurry up, Fucking Yid"

    She spun around and said, "you couldn't be more offensive! you really couldn't!!"

    So I took the bacon out of my basket and slapped Her around the face with it.

    .....also works well in muslim version.
  2. How is that a joke? Its fucking shit!
    I know its early but please fuck off
  3. Offensive joke. Offensive cos it isn't amusing.
  4. Thank fuck someone else had the same thoughts as moir. I thought it was me.....just didnt get it - a joke that is.
  5. The Jews killed Jesus.

    True dit.
  6. Don't forget they're also shape shifters.