Shopping Cnuts Who Dont Pay Their Car Tax.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by StickyToffeePudding, Mar 23, 2010.

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  1. We've got the Benefit Fraud thread and that got me thinking about another bunch of cunts, those that don't tax their cars, which usually go hand in hand with not having insurance and an MOT.

    There's a bloke near me who works for HMRC and his smell on wheels' tax ran out in Feb 2009.

    To shop or not to shop, that is the question?
  2. Why not? Mine's all paid up, why should someone else get away with it?
  3. Can't believe that you are even asking this!

    You can do it online here

    and you don't even have to give any of your details. It's the own cnuts fault for not doing it. You also have to consider that if it's not taxed then it's probably not insured or MOT'd. How would you feel if it's your son or daughter they hit and you can't claim on the insurance for any damaged, not just to their vehicle, but maybe to the house if they end up disabled etc?

    Grow some balls and report the git!
  4. Possible it's been SORN'd, but then he's using it. You can't even park it on the road if it's been decared SORN.
  5. If you know him (and don't think he's a total O2 thief), tell him you've heard a rumour that they're checking up on car tax in the area ... then shop him if it's still not taxed a week later.
  6. True, but if you haven't registered the car etc. they've no one to bill, which makes me think this particular wretch has no MOT or insurance either.
  7. Good idea, he's no 'mate' and the idea of tipping him off appeals to me, as he'll have to get insurance and an MOT too I suspect.

    But then he works as a tax man and it quite appeals to me to simply shop the fucker... me being a cunt and all... :twisted:
  8. Report them citizen,

    You can be an inoffizielle Mitarbeiter.
  9. Insurance is easy to check. On your own vehicle, of course...

    Email to local authority re untaxed/uninsured vehicle abandoned. Job done.
  10. So, say for instance:

    1. My little angel of Sugababes has been parked on my drive since December (i.e. not on the road) but hasn't been SORN'ed yet (still another month or so of Tax on it);

    2. DVLA are being particularly difficult about helping out (Dear Mr Dale etc. etc .;

    3. If some fucking loonie dobs me in, shall I dob in Toppers first?

    4. Or could I have the bizzies called for having random people rummaging about on my drive whilst I am not there?

    Hypothetically of course. :rmp:

    P.S. Did I tell everyone over the last 200 years that you can have that crappy Clio for free if you just shift it off my drive?????
  11. Thank you so much, his motor's not insured either... what a wanker...!
  12. All I can say is bubble the cunt. We pay our taxes then so should he. Infact stab the fecker in the face and rape his children just to get your monies worth
  13. Bubble him then. Just don't bubble me for missing a comma out in my last post. :(
  14. He is the reason my insurance is so high. Just think of the problems you will have if he hits your car.
  15. Thought I'd see what sort of punishment yer man could get...:

    (Taken from here: )

    Driving without insurance is against the law, but that isn't enough to stop at least 1 million people in the UK from failing to insure their motor vehicle. The consumer website found that as many as 15% of UK motorists have driven without insurance, with 9% of these having driven someone else's vehicle without being properly insured to do so. The law is clear on this: if you are in possession of a motor vehicle, you are legally obliged to get it insured and taxed, as well as putting it in for a yearly MOT test.

    Driving Without Insurance

    Driving without insurance is illegal. You don't actually have to be driving the vehicle for it to be a criminal offence - if you own a vehicle that is not insured, you can be prosecuted even if you have never driven it. You can potentially be fined up to £5000 if you are caught, although the typical fine is often a lot less than this. You will also be given a number of penalty points on your driver's license. This can be problematic if you already have penalty points, as incurring more than six will mean the loss of your license. You may have your license revoked too. As well as driving an uninsured car, It is also illegal to let someone else borrow your car if they are not insured on it.

    There are two main types of insurance: Comprehensive, and Third Party, Fire and Theft. Third Party insurance is mandatory, but it does not offer you protection if you are involved in an accident with an uninsured driver. For this, you are better off with the Comprehensive cover, although this is more expensive.

    Driving Without Road Tax

    All drivers are obliged to display a road tax disc in the front window of their vehicle to show that they have paid road tax on the vehicle. If your vehicle does not display this disc, you can be prosecuted. You can buy the road tax discs at many Post Office branches or online. It is becoming increasingly difficult to escape paying road tax, as the Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Agency (DVLA) now runs monthly computer checks. If you are found to have failed to purchase or renew a road tax disc, you will be fined £80. Failure to pay this can result in a County Court Judgement, or having your vehicle clamped.

    Driving without an MOT

    If your vehicle is at least three years old, it needs to pass an MOT test before it can be considered roadworthy. Driving a vehicle that has not successfully passed an MOT test can land you a fine, but will not usually result in penalty points. You may also have your driving license taken away. MOT tests are carried out by most garages across the UK.