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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Quagmire19, Jun 24, 2010.

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  1. Just seen an article about Costco, and how 'interestingly' Rooney's missus shops there (Daily Mail have got their priorities right) ... I've never heard of the place but on further research it looks to be good value for money, anyone a member of this prestigious cash and carry?
  2. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Father in law was before he rolled a 7

    He swore by it and I must admit the coupkle of times I went it did seem to have a good range of stuff and was quite reasonable

    Good if you want to by lots of stuff in bulk or are asian and run a corner shop
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Yes. Be careful as some of their prices are more expensive than the high street.

  4. Love it, 3 stores in Calgary now, cheap beer and tabs. Decent electronics. Bulk shopping.
  5. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    Used it a lot when I lived in the North. You have to watch the VAT when you're shopping and they don't take credit cards, but for bulk buys of food and household stuff they're great.

    I've also used them for tyres in the past - cheap and efficient.

    And bought a PC from them on one of their many 'package offers'.

    Would recommend them.

    Sadly now living in Dorset and the nearest is Watford so I'm trying to blag a Makro card instead.
  6. I've a makro card, but I think Watford would be closer, sorry.
  7. I'm a member in the great City of Milk'n'Beans near Station "X".

    Ruddy good value: just a bit of a bugger to store a term's worth of orange juice cartons for the kids skule lunches . . . but shopping sensibly you can save a wad.

    And with yesterday's VAT rises I can see us shopping there rather more often.
  8. Costco is harder to get into than Fort Knox, that said I've finally got myself a card!

    As some other posters have said, you do have to watch the VAT but it's deffo cheap for beer. 24 bottles of Bud for £10 the other day etc.
  9. Is it? I tipped up with my MOD 90, 2 x proof of address (utility bills) and that was it, they printed my membership card there and then and I went shopping. Seemples.
  10. Yes. I live 5 minutes away from one

    6 pints of milk - £1.58 (and its good milk)

    The fruit and veg is excellent too.

    Thinking of buying a leather sofa from there soon.

    And the cafe sell a decent latte for only a quid.

    Well worth the annual fee.
  11. There is one at the back of the Stadium in Reading two minutes from the M4 and they have always taken all types of card.

    Another at Croydon, what's up Google not reached Dorset yet?
  12. Costco (in UK, certainly) don't take credit cards - cash, cheque, and debit card.

    I joined the one in Edinburgh using my MOD90 (back when I was in), as my local Costco (Gateshead, and it hadn't opened at the time, they were just recruiting members) did not recocgnise being in the forces as eligible criterias for membership.

    I believe that has all changed now, although being a member of the forces still isnt eligible membership criteria according to the list on their wall.

    Its well worth the membership cost (£25 iirc), this cost can be recouped very quickly, especially by partaking in the monthly offers they have.

    Their returns policy is second to none as well - I have taken back 1 or 2 electrical goods months after purchase and either had the item replaced, or a full refund with no quiblles at all. I believe they also have a free 5yr guarantee on LCD's/ Plasma's.

    Friends (Police) who have both Makro and Costco cards use Costco rather than Makro.
  13. i love Costco - regularly go to the one in Haydock! the fillet steaks are amazing - twice as thick as your thumb! Massive packs of bacon containing 50 slices double the thickness of tesco for 8 quid.
  14. You can join as ex or serving forces. If you are ex you need to take proof and I was asked to produce my annual pension statement and joined on the spot. IIRC I also had to provide a few utility bills.
    When I do a monthly shop now the bulk stuff gets divvied up between us and my son........30 years later and I'm still supporting the kids!
    Be careful though as someone mentioned, the shelf prices don't include VAT except for food.
    The rib eye steaks are fab and some of the frozen Asian stuff is quality.
    They also do a great line in tyres and fitting.
    The only problem with not being a full member (like the shop/trade members) is you can't use it before 11am weekdays.
  15. Ah see what you mean, never tried.