Shoplifter in Breast milk scam...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ViolentBadger, Sep 22, 2007.

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  1. Linky Thingy

  2. What a TIT!!
  3. This happened recently to a landlord of a pub I know - he chased some girls who had been shoplifting from a co-op across the road who were escaping through his car park, when one of the girls tore her shirt open and started screaming "leave me alone you pervert!". Fortunately for him, he had a pubful of regulars who had watched the whole thing.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    cuz datz da only plce wiv dna innit
  5. that's all we need, some bird sticking her fingers up her chufty then wiping it on your clothes, hmmm... nice!

    what annoys me is that one of those filthy chavs will succeed and obtain compensation for a false claim, getting loads of money from someone trying to stop the thieving scum!

    why cant they just get a bloody job!

    oh good, lets all hope they pick harder next time!
  6. March '05 I nick a "Female"(Well she was no lady) stopped 6' outside store in full veiw of camera, camera operator followed me, a female member of staff and the thief back to the office, 2 cameras in the office. Once there she proceeded to punch herself in the face, headbutt the wall scream blue murder and rip her clothes. As soon as she started this I gets the staff out and lock the door, we then watch through the window as she beats herself up, blood and snot every where. Police arrive and she claims I've attacked her :roll: . Show police the footage and they piss themselves.
    3 weeks later I'm on camera and spot her robbing again, when she exits Taffy Rob stops her and escorts her back and she does it again, but this time claims Rape this claim even though she knows every word and action on camera. This is'nt a new tactic by scrotes, they never get done for the malicious allegation or wasting police time.
  7. This is totally vulgar and disgraceful these people who frame other people should be totally ashamed of themselves ,The police should charge them and expose them for doing this to innocent people .
  8. think they might have got the idea from watching the DVD of Fight Club?

    recall a scene wherin the' hero' beats himself up in his boss's office and gets away with it.
  9. Its worth a try on their part though, if they get even a small amount of doubt thrown on the person nicking them it could help and if not then there is no harm done to them.

    Solution is simple though, malicious complaints = an extra 50% on what ever sentence they get PLUS they have to pay for the testing/NHS treatment etc etc.

    The little fcuks would soon stop.
  10. I recently saw a Met trend alert ref Romanian women, when arrested, fingering themselves & rubbing their juices on the officer's hands. The objective, as detailed above, is to allege sexual assault by the officer.