Shopkeepers army mannequin banned

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Archangel, Jul 9, 2009.

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  1. Apologies for repeating this if it has already been mentioned on another thread.

    Shopkeeper's army dummy banned

    "Bolton Council told the 53-year-old to remove the dummy as it may give workers at a nearby Lloyds bank 'flashbacks' to a recent armed robbery."

    WHAT?! Is the world just going out of it's way to p1ss me off?!!
  2. Does seem an odd approach from the council. 8O
    He could always strip it naked, pop a green beret on its head and a roll mat on each arm.
  3. Good idea Slick... but i feel they would come back with 'Health and Safety issues' if he did that!
  4. It's too hot and humid here at the minute to get outraged!

    What a collection of kn0bbers Bolton Council are :twisted:
  5. A bit more balance from the BBC


  6. Put it inside the shop and he can dress it up with a pair of curtains and a 10" strap on for all anyone cares.
  7. That makes more sense to me, I drive past the thing at least once a day most days and it seemed to alternate between c95 and dark greenish/black clothes, and always had the balaclava on.

    The sign on its chest I had never seen before - even when delivering cylinders back to them for the air guns as I do a couple of times a month when I couldnt possibly have missed seeing it.

    The shop has only just moved to that location it used to be a little further down Halliwell Rd and on the other side, if the shops owner hadnt realised sticking a figure in a balaclava outside his shop next to a recently robbed bank he is an idiot, especially given that he along with a few other shop keepers along the road were interviewed after the robbery (he sells guns it was an armed robbery...the local plod followed the logic)
  8. Okay.. fair enough then! That does seem to make a bit more sense than the original story which omitted any mention of a balaclava or that there sign was not usually present on the dummy. I was deperately trying to avaoid any mention of the cliche "political correctness gone mad"! :wink:
  9. I'll bet it the instruction to remove it came from from the equality and diversity co-ordinator as the dummy was the most intelligent in Bolton 8)

    What a complete bunch of whimpering tossers.
  11. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Quick Theres got to be a claim in there for some fucing cunt.

    ptsd for the robbery or ptsd caused by the dummy.

    Get yer claims in here!
  12. Its reasonable to believe from what you(and the council) say, that in spite of his claims, his support for H4H is a bit of an afterthought.

    Not only is he an idiot, as you say, but in going to the Sun (where it originally appeared) and coming out with a load of rubbish about how the dummy was dressed makes him a bit of a liar too.

    But to use that ficticious support for H4H just in order to make a few bob out of the Sun is, I believe, worthy of contempt.
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I was walking around in my home town the other day, and this fcuking thing got my wallet!

  14. So if he dressed it in a robe and a turban and had it holding a placard saying I support the Taliban (As many stated on a recent news clip) he would be ok.
  15. And these twats wonder why the BNP gets voted in