Shopkeeper fined for hitting back at thieves

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by shaka, Jun 30, 2007.

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  1. One wonders....why do the police constantly complain and moan that they do not have the backing/confidence of the public? Is it because many (not all) are quite often inept, and unable to carry out (or have forgotten) the task with which they have been protect and serve (sorry if that sounds American) the public.

    I believe the rot starts at the top....policies and 'targets' set by politically motivated officers with no sense of proportion or justice. Too many lefty/softy 'liberty' types me thinks. Makes me f*cking angry.
  2. the saying use to be crime dos not pay , and your home is your castle .
    today crime dos pay . and your home is not your castle but theres to do with and in as they wish
    you (the victim) are the criminal with no rights to defened your home or self and they (the criminal) have all the rights and many do as they wish
    or am i going mad as time gos by ?
  3. Should have asked for Crown Court and plead not guilty. Unless of course juries are too thick to use common sense these days.
  4. Perhaps its time for ARRSE to become a political power and to run for the next election, so we can square this boll@cks away!
  5. Not sure if I can follow the article that well. It says he was advised to plead guilty otherwise he might get 6 months.
    It says he kicked the person "once or twice" on the ground and talked of frustration getting the better of him?
    I think the problem might not be the court, but the "advice" he was given!
    Unless (god forbid) the journalist has not given the entire story!
  6. That's the worrying thing. Though I must say, it seems to me that if some lowlife tries to steal your property and assaults you in the process, he deserves a good kicking in the heat of the moment.

    The police make mistakes like the rest of us, I'm afraid, and I symnpathise with that. But, as I may have said before, I think the campaign they seem to be running to obtain a monopoly of legal violence is to be firmly resisted. Yes, I would like to able to shoot burglars legally, which probably qualifies me as a fascist pig. Even so, on the face of it, what happened to this chap seems unreasonable. I would have pleaded not guilty and opted for the jury. Even if I ended up in jail, on current form I would have been out in a very short while.
  7. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Well there's plenty of brain power in here and I bet we could raise the deposits for several candidates. I'd go for the Garisson towns first.
  8. Don't forget B. Liar who said:

    "Tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime".

    I doubt anything will change now that the Stalinist control-freak is in charge. After all he will approve of the income generated by fines.

    As for the police, whoever said that their poor performances stem from the top is absolutely correct. We will continue to have a deteriorating police FORCE until political correctness and ludicrous targets are eradicated and removed.

    We have lived through ten years dreadful years with a grinning spiv like wanabee pop-star at the helm, now things can only get WORSE!
  9. The shop keeper should have foreseen this eventuality and made the most of it. He was always going to get a criminal record. That is a fact. The CPS will as always do their utmost to prosecute crimes they can easily win. Good for stats. Their reaction in this case is completely predictable.
    As a shop keeper he should have bitten the bullet and really fukced up these kids to serve as a warning to others. Either way he's got a record, so a few months in clink, early release and no scrote in town will try it on again. If he's bright he'll make a few contacts inside and learn a few new skills. Like not pleading guilty EVER. Never admitting anything to the Police. The Police are very busy, over burdened with paperwork etc so don't help them out by pleading guilty. The CPS will drop it as long as you don’t give them a reason to carry on. This is not about justice and it never has been. The Police are there to help the CPS make a case. They will say and do anything within the law to effect that end. Their advice about accepting cautions, warnings, pleading guilty are all designed to help them to that end. It like asking the condemned man to put the noose around his neck. I agree with Jimbojetset, very poor advice.
  10. This guy has got the backing of the public. he also has a business to run and i believe this allowed him to be swayed towards pleading guilty to common assault. There is no doubt that he acted courageously and if he had pushed this to Crown Court he may have had a sympathetic jury who would have found him not guilty had the judge given them that level of discretion. Unfortunately the law does not always back the side of the victim as in this case and I assume this was a deciding factor.
    The police and cps in that area are oblivious to right/wrong or perpetrator/victim. For them it is all about prosecutions to secure convictions the greater the severity of offence the better regardless of who is originally at fault.
    I will be working in that area next week, I will find a local support group and if any members wish to add their voices in support I am sure this will be welcomed.
  11. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Bliar: Tough on Crime - Tough on the Victims of Crime
  12. D'oh!

    He should have had his day in court. He may have gotten off or the case may have been dropped in the event of media uproar or if the usual legal tricks to cause delays and mess around witnesses were employed. Even if he was found guilty, there is no chance whatsoever he would have received a custodial sentence with prisons as full up as they are.
  13. The police and the CPS are not there to see justice done, but to see targets met, this has to stop, this country is f**ked up.