Shopkeeper fined £250 for hitting back against thieves

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Jun 30, 2007.

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  1. In full
  2. Nanny state Britain strikes again.

    The Justice system is an arrse.
  3. once again we punish the victim as well as the protagonist. he should be given a reward not a criminal record!! the little twats who hit him need a good scuddin and fukin locked up. but no they will have some bullshit excuse about comin from broken families or drug missuse ein the problem! "its just a cry for help" i can here some bed wetting tree hugging social worker say. no they are little cnuts....end of.

    oh and if any one picks me up for not using capital letters or my grammar.....get a life ball bag!!! :x
  4. Gleaming, I am sure he got sod all sympathy at A&E.
  5. Class.
  6. It's a crazy, out of kilter system where this honest man is threatened with prison, and larger retailers, in up to their necks operating sleazy cartels, and stealing £millions from the general public escape with a fine.

  7. They should have gone to Trial by Jury. Lots of publicity in the Papers and TV. Got the thugs into the Papers, made the Police look like a load of tossers(not hard these days) and sure enough NO jury would convict, but No, they where advised by some lazy Lawyer and they have now reaped the consequences
  8. :lol: Outstanding, It was like an episode of The Four Musketeers.
  9. best bit of video i've seen in years, and I watch a lot of porn.