Shopkeeper arrested for Murder

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by tuffy52, Jul 27, 2011.

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  1. I am sure the laws states you can use a reasonable amount of force to defend yourself.

  2. "I would like to reassure residents that we do not believe there is any danger to the community. We have duly arrested the shopkeeper to put the frighteners on anyone else thinking of defending their property, and would urge anyone who may have seen something to contact us. In due course, we will quietly release the shopkeeper without charge as we usually do."

    Chief Superintendent Mark Roberts - Greater Manchester Police's Trafford Division
  3. Did he stab him once, or twenty times? If it was just the once then he needs to practice more.
  4. Arrested, not charged. There is a difference. If all is as it seems from the scant information in the paper, he'll be released same as the fella from Salford who topped a robber the other week.
  5. I beg to differ, if he slotted the perp with one stab - bloody good drills.
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  6. One for the Plods to confirm, but in these kind of situations it's probably SOP to arrest everyone who might have committed a crime and then investigate. Does'nt mean the shopkeeper will ever see the inside of a courtroom, never mind a jail cell.
  7. Shush, the OP wants to go out in the bus.
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  8. Being arrested is bad enough for anyone,Fingerprints/DNA/Mugshots,,,,,,,It must be traumatic at the age of 72 when your'e the victim.....
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  9. And bloody right too!

    Next time he'll know to follow the correct approved procedure when burgled… roll into a foetal position and scream 'Please don't beat me! Please don't beat me!'

    Bloody public upstaging Plod! What is the world coming too!
  10. The fella would need to be taken into custody for numerous reasons. If he is innocent, many of these reasons will be for his own good and assist him in proving his argument of reasonable force. In short, if I was in his shoes, I would want to be arrested right now.
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  11. If the police went on strike, what on earth would the criminals do with nobody on hand to manage their Health and Safety requirements?
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  12. And you can **** right off as well, you ******* police apologist. Coming round here wrecking the potential for the foamy mouths to have have a good old rant about 'uman rights, etc, etc, etc, with your technical explanations. Who the **** do you think you are, eh?
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  13. I think knowing you've just killed someone is probably slightly more traumatic
    even if they deserved it.
    Its sop I don't think the first plod on the scence wants to make the decision even clear cut cases need to be seen to be dealt with.
    Plus fighting for your life one thing.
    Killing scroates ala that advert not to be encouraged pity really.