Shop worker told to remove Poppy

I would be interested to know why these threads keep getting locked.

Perhaps there is a concern on the part of the CO's that there might be an inbound litigation case from the home of the free and the Corporate Lawyers? Could it be Grubb Streets finest looking to provoke a story?

In any event, I am outraged !

More seats on top, move along inside please, Ding Ding, fares please for those joining after 36 Gray's Lane
Shop worker told to remove Poppy as it was not part of the companys dress code. The "problem" has since been resolved
Or, in other news, yet another bunch of American preppie tight-arsses write company policies that take far too little note of employment law (and 'uman rites) outside the Land of the Free (or, as I saw it recently, the "Land of the Free to be Stupid") and react with amazement when people complain. You'd never believe it, would you?

Unfortunately, I don't have Cat D on my FMT600, so I can't sign the bus out for you ...

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