Shop opens ... again!!

By popular demand and after some extremely hard work by GCO we are pleased to announce that the shop will be re-opening. Some points:

1. Initially merchandise will be limited to the excellent T-Shirt designs shown in the galley but may expand if the demand is there.

2. The only payment method is Paypal although you don't need an account to use it any more - just pay with credit card like any normal system. If you're adamant that you don't want to / can't do this, email and we'll sort something out - bank transfer / cheque or whatever

3. The shop will be run by the two COs (well mainly me) and as I do have a day job it may not always be possible to get items in the post asap. I do occasionally like to go on leave, etc.... The full shipping & returns policy is here.

4. I strongly recommend that everyone reads our Privacy Notice.

5. Note the availability date - 28th February! This is a probable arrival date on your doorstep.

6. Happy shopping!
T-Shirts have now arrived at the secret ARRSE HQ in deepest darkest Wiltshire and are therefore available for (almost) immediate dispatch.

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