Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by scotscop, Apr 19, 2004.

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  1. The shop is open!! :D

    Go spend your hard earned cash and strut your ARRSE stuff :D
  2. Congrats MM!

    Just a couple of requests,

    1. How about some car stickers to enclose with an order for a few extra shillings? (Just a childish thing to play spot ARRSE on the roads) :wink:

    2. Ex_Dvr wanted to know if you could get the logo on to these? (Urgently required in large amounts) :lol:

    Getting me cloak.....
  3. states that all regiments availible....that include obscure TA yeomanry regiments like mine?

  4. Paddy if you send me the cap badge image....
  5. ok i'll try and find a good quality me your e mail address?




    Worst shot in NATO, as going to be demonstrated at the LDAM comp this weekend! All hail me!
  6. products(at)
  7. I want a picture of a lobster juggling with a piano and a sugared almond on mine with the third verse of Bohemian rhapsody in an odd font fading from left to right.

    I also want it in those funny mugs that change colour when they get hot, I need it delivering to Egypt and I don't expect to pay carraige :D
  8. Dirt_Diver

    Dirt_Diver LE Moderator

    anything else, MDN? Juice? coffee? rack of lamb? troop of dancing lesbians? :D
  9. MDN i want to find the ladies from FHMs top hundred in my house ready and willing to do anything..... but i have to settle for dale, lippy and brite.

    moral: dont always get what we want :D
  10. Ram your mugs then

    I thought you were good.

    OK I'll order a novelty thimble with a street map of down town Swansea on it.

    I expect discount on the count that your shite and can't fulfill an order.

    Are there any T shirts with BB and LNV are cnuts on. Or We ran the fruitloops away? if so I'd like one in XXXXXXXXXXXL for Aunty Stella and I'll have the same printing on an authentic cosmonauts suit in beige for me
  11. Will any of the following become available for purchase:

    Arse embroidered lace raincoats
    Hot water bottles
    badged up windscreen washer bottle fluid
    Arrse trolley jacks
    authentic site carraige clocks
    Arse pilchard caresssing cables

    Hoping for a positive response
  12. your a cnut, you know that dont you! :p

    Limited edition, £7:
  13. Outstanding, I'll have one and I'll put one in the garage to keep the spiders out
  14. LOL@ pilchard caressing etc....

    You forgot the pink lycra gimp suit MDN, you know beige doesnt suit your bone structure :wink:

    that tee shirt could make you a millionaire MM :lol:
  15. millionaire 8O , fcuk ive just put it in the shop.... CO's i want to discuss where the profits go! :wink: