Chief Technician John Prictor, an eleven times winner of the Queen's Medal as RAF champion service rifle shot, suffered a stoppage with his SA80 during
the FIBUA match yesterday. He managed to clear the stoppage, then put nine rounds through the wrong target.
1) Thought all was now hunky-dory apropos the SA80?

2) Don't get too close to a Crab with a gat!

:lol: :lol:
done that myself, had a stoppage and then popped off at the target on the lane to my right, only worked out what i had done when pasting up and the target to my right had about 10 extra holes in it!

Jesus H Christ which bunch of loons let members of the RAF shoot firearms, have they no ......agh I get it you're winding me up. The only time I've seen the RAF type's shoot was on sunday they had (some Lance group corprals and wing commander bods [they had some rings round the arms, I assume they were like sgt;s 9th class pilot assisstors]) anyway They were all there lined up with poncy double barreled shot guns and would shoot at some released birdies, some would miss some would hit. then I thought don't want to waste time or ammo so I put 8 rds out of a remington 870 into the release pens, the last round being a ferret cs gas round just in case any of them birdies were only stunned....never got to find out the RAF knobs told me fark orf, farking brown job....I thought it best I did , they were not best pleased....I mean I only wanted to scoff the things...ho..hum

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