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  1. Hi there

    I hope that everyone is well. I'm due to go to basic training in the autumn and have a question about shooting. Today I went clay pigeon shooting for the first time and was told that, although I am right handed I am actually left eyed. Will this cause problems for me in the army?

    Many thanks
  2. No. You'll just be given a left eyed optical sight.
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  3. You'll shoot right-handed like everyone else.
  4. Thanks guys; appreciate the info :)
  5. Remember. Just like all good infanteers know, your SA80 is only an area weapon. As long as you roughly know the direction of the enemy and you've got loads of lead wasps you can fire away to your hearts content. Someone will hit something in the end.
    Leading eyesight is not an issue.......unless, of course you're joining the REME. then you'll turn spanners with your left hand......
  6. The trick for you will be to keep your left eye shut. If you are a spakker and cannot manage this, use some black nasty (or an eye patch). If you brain only has info coming in from the right eye, that is what you will aim the rifle with.
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  7. Yes you are left eye dominent i know a few ppl like that & thay use a patch to cover there left eye.
  8. LMAO & a left handed rifle to.
  9. plenty of left handed spoons in the mess
  10. Yep. Many pirates suffer with this.
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  11. Awesome; a pirate patch sounds cool :)
  12. Being left eye dominant makes it a bit harder but you can overcome it.
  13. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    I am left handed , was a good shot with SLR and 6.5 GUN ON THE avre . But when firing the smudger. in order to not get a face full of hot shell cases i fired right handed . Aimed at target no8 on range but got reasonable hits on target no 2 ! took a while to figure out what was happening . 1971/72
  14. Just passed the AMT (Think thats what the shooting test is called) being left eye dominent and left handed. Never had a problem, you get plenty of time on live ranges and on the DCCT range to get used to it.
  15. I'm left eye dominant but have to shoot right handed in basic at the moment, it's doable but it strains my left eye having to have it shut all the time to see properly out my right. The only time it meant I had a bit of an issue was when they taught us the 'shotgun' method of firing. Keeping both my eyes open means I look down the side of the rifle and not through the sights like you're supposed to, and doesn't work.