Shooting whilst at RMAS

Discussion in 'Officers' started by HH_2, Jul 13, 2007.

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  1. Considered putting this in the sports forum, or in the sandhurst thread, but this would probably just vanish into the super thread. Sorry if it's in the wrong place, but here goes.

    I know there are sports afternoons etc. at sandhurst, I was wondering if there is any opportunity to do any target rifle shooting whilst there?

    I shoot regularly at the moment, both .22 and 7.62, and have shot for the CCF at Bisley (schools meeting and Imperial). Just keen that I don't neglect it whilst in the year and a half or more where RMAS and then specific to arm training takes place.
  2. Have you thought about joining the NRA? You can hire one of the electronic targets at Bisley by the hour.
  3. Dont quote me but whilst I was there visiting a friend a couple of weeks ago I'm pretty sure I saw a poster for 22 shooting. Barbs may be the best person to ask though, when are you off to RMAS?
  4. You can. There are two ways mate really. One is to speak to SASC who co-ordinates the target shooting side from Sandhurst. you would go down to the Lord Roberts Centre on Wednesdays and Sat afternoons mate. The other is to get in touch with the Army Captain at Bisley and he will sort out your shooting for you (it does depend if you are likely to make the army team)

    Or better still mate, as someone has said get yourself membership of the NRA tell your CSgt that you are shooting on wed and sat afternoon and do your own thing!
  5. Wouldn't be at RMAS until after university, and the reason I asked is I'm considering buying myself a .22 rifle, I shoot with a club .22 rifle at the moment and when I shoot 7.62 I use the standard cadet target rifle.

    The reason I'm thinking about buying my own .22 is because I'm off to uni in september, and I want to carry on shooting, but at the moment any time I want to use the 50m/100yard range at my local club I have to get someone with a set of armoury keys to come down and open up everything, which is a right pain in the backside as you can imagine.

    However if I persuade my parents I need to spend a grande or more on a nice shiny new Anschutz 1913 (or even 2nd hand) then I need to be sure I won't get three years on and then have to say "I'm getting rid of the rifle as I won't be able to shoot it properly for a couple of years".

    I know the ATSC have some rather nice fullbore rifles available for members to use, my coach is a member and a guy who used to shoot for my school is also a member........would like to keep the .22 up though as I seem to have more of a talent for that.

    Cheers for the replies, much appreciated.
  6. There is a lot more fun to be had at university than shooting...
  7. Like OTC??
  8. I think my time's gonna be spent rowing and working frantically when I'm not rowing. Hopefully I can squeeze some shooting in, but bar the odd pub crawl round putney I can't see me having time for much else!
  9. Make time for women! You'll still be able to shoot when you have to get up six times in the night for a slash, but you won't be able to get it up six times a night when you're old and dribbly.
  10. Fez knocked it on the head...Birds & booze are much more fun than rimfire...
  11. Ah but plenty of both to be had at Henley Royal Regatta and Bisley........... :D
  12. Depends on which university.... It was a Southampton OTC lass who won the Inter-Services recently, but then she was/is a GB junior.

    As for universities, I've somehow ended up coaching our university rifle club, but I am unable to even notice how many young, attractive, women float around the place (Mrs.G shoots too).

    Problem is that there there are very few units whose shooting officer will even know about target shooting; if you enjoy doing the target stuff, you may well have to deal direct with ARA or TARA as appropriate. (Don't worry, TARA are incredibly helpful, I suspect ARA are too).

    PS Service rifle is huge fun, there's just far fewer women involved.
  13. I was going to shoot whilst at university too, but it turns out there are no ranges in the are, and barely any clays.

    Plenty of ducks, though. And woodcock.
  14. Great whilst in season. Unfortunately there were only syndicate shoots near me whilst at uni, I had to go back Cornwall for a good day.

    I accompanied a mate of mine to Bisley the other day...he carried on shooting whilst I cracked on to a nice blonde lawyer with f*cking MASSIVE tits. I was happy as Larry.

    There's always an upside.
  15. Sports afternoons are wed and sat. You rock up to a freshers fayre (sp?) and choose 2 sports. Plenty on offer, so no one should be stuck with something they dont enjoy. Tgt shooting is available (.22) along with clay pigeon shooting, so fill your boots if thats what you are good at.

    PS if you are good, you will have the chance to represent the academy.