shooting, two eyes or one?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by just_andy, Sep 27, 2007.

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  1. Just wondering, when you get traind to shoot, do you close your left eye or keep it open?
  2. Personally, being a man with a bicycle on his face, i close my left two.
  3. The people where I am close both and hope for the best :roll:
  4. Depends what your shooting, usually keep jap eye open
  5. Surely both eyes open. Whilst knocking down target one your working out where target two is. Never done me any harm and i just got HPS on my last APWT.
  6. aww ok, the problem is my left eye is dominant so if i aim with my left eye open it is always out, i need to close my left eye to get it on target
  7. So 55 with 10 rounds left then?
  8. Well then close your eye then. Whatever works.

    Left eye open is only really useful when doing the "Ruppel" (Stands by for spelling correction) and obviously on operations when you need to fire and observe at the same time.
  9. Doesn't sound right. It was two of 30 and one of 15. I handed back in 10 after the 400
  10. So Infantry then I take it? And with Susat?

    No wonder you got HPS.
  11. I was always told to keep both eyes open, but everyone always did their own thing. It's like when you first learn to drive your told to use both hands on the steering wheel, after you pass the test you do your own thing.
  12. Not gonna argue if they give me a good sight system now am i??? :D

    Must admit iron sights are useless in comparison!

    Anyways i must stop this as i'm talking kit and thats just too green for my liking!
  13. My brown eye has never failed me yet...mind you, I've never tried to hit the pan from 100m over iron sights...
  14. like keeping both hands on the wheel and sticking as close to basics as possible???
  15. I am a 'support arm' and fire with ironsight.

    Never got HPS but always qualified for marksman (even though I got glasses this year).

    BTW always keep my left eye closed :wink: