shooting tips PLEASE BE SERIOUS

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by 5.56mm, Apr 3, 2006.

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  1. have you got any good shooting tips please be serious?
  2. You will need a firearm for starters. Seriously.
  3. Now that you've asked folks to be serious......stand by for some relentless pi*s taking!

    AHHEM... (puts on serious voice)

    Ensure that your sight alignment is correct, that your breathing pattern is stable, and squeeze the trigger, don't snatch.
    There, a nice SERIOUS response!!!!!!!!
  4. I've always found that a target and ammunition to be vital.

    (Sorry can't resist it)
  5. Seriously, look elsewhere than here for the advice you are seeking. (I'm so proud of my restraint.) Oh, afterthought: the ACF does have access to a series of remarkably informative pamphlets on the subject to give you that "edge" before your first "hands on" session.
  6. With a user name of 5.56mm, you will never be taken seriously :roll:

    Now if you had used 7.62mm NATO ball I would think differently :twisted:
  7. why will noone take me seriously
  8. 5.56 you are a cadet, yes ?

    My son is a cadet and was taught the "Marksmanship Principles" don't they teach that in your unit ?
  9. When doing butt duty it is advisable not to stand on the parapet and point to where the last shot went, instead get a friend to do it that way. :?
  10. My boy's won best shot at Summer Camp 2004 in Otterburn (summer and Otterburn just don't go together in my mind). He's going down to Bisley soon for some shooting competition or other. Apparently he's a cracking shot - just like me :oops: I will ask him for some tips for you.
  11. I find that if I dip my Ammo into Copperslip the rounds fit into the Magazine faster. Also if you 'Etch' Go Faster lines down the sides of the bullet(not the Cartridge) it increases the muzzle velocity by 47.5 FPS. While I'm on the subject, forget about putting Issue oil on the working parts. Use 'LARD' It's cheaper, lasts longer and you can eat it :lol:
  12. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    Better still a .303. :twisted:
  13. Join the fecking army and get trained properly :roll:
  14. breathing.

    sight picture.

    trigger control.
  15. The biggest tip I can give you is: 'Take your time'. Don't worry about the others getting their rounds off in the first 30 seconds, let them get on with it. Just work on getting your position correct.

    When starting out shooting, you need to get the basics right. The critical point is that 'The rifle points naturally at the target without any undue physical effort'. Sounds like a mouthfull and it is. However, get this right and you're more than halfway there. Translated, this means spendin upwards of a couple of minutes sorting your position out:

    Take the prone position and point 'naturally at the target'.
    Close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths.
    Open your eyes and assess how far your point of aim is off the centre of the target.
    Shuffle and adjust (rotating entire body, positioning arms to adjust point of aim horizontally etc.)
    Repeat until point of aim is bang on the centre of the target and you are comfortable.

    Done properly, that will give you a decent foundation. However to really excel one must carefully look at breathing, trigger control and follow-through. I'm not going into this now as i'm bored. Bye