Shooting the shooters. TV star needed

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by bigeye, Oct 12, 2011.

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  1. Gents,

    This is a complete long shot (ho ho)

    The French TV company I occasionally work for did a story on Purdey The Gun makers a while back. They now need some quick shots of somebody firing a shotgun (it doesn't have to be a Purdey) to complete the story. It should take no more than 20mins.

    The company's Bureau is based in central London so they are looking for a site within 1.5 hours of London.

    I've already spoken to the West London Shooting school and we've ruled out Brixton (we need sporting guns not sawn-offs).

    Does anybody know of a shoot today or tomorrow? If you're very lucky they'll send me to film.

    Thanks very much,

  2. Doesn't Ravers have summat to do with Purdey?
  3. We've done the Purdey bit already (I wonder if we interviewed him?).It's the shots of the bloke with a gun in the woods we need now.
  4. There is often a Wednesday afternoon shoot at the clay club at Pirbright:

    County: SURREY
    Tel: 01483 481005
  5. That's great thanks very much Smudge. I spoke with Steve and although he's just finished his shoot he suggested someone else who I'll try.

    You have to love arrse as an info resource.
  6. Can Ugly help or Ex_stab?
  7. I can offer something suitable but it'd be Derbyshire.
  8. That's time wise quite close due to the M1.
  9. ex stab
    do you have a few contacts for shooting land in derbyshire?
    im looking at opening up my ticket.
    any advice greatly appreciated.
  10. Thanks for the PM.
  11. ex_stab would actually look quite good on film.
  12. I know, I've seen him on video- but my blokes get nervous travelling too far outside the M25.
  13. I'd be very wary of setting up a sensible photo shoot with anyone from this site. Unless of course you're looking for footage of some tubby oddball in breeks, denison and deerstalker.
  14. Ravers is your man, though I think he is currently off the grid. I am sure Purdey will give you some footage they have on file, just ask c'est simple, n'est pas?
  15. They've been to Purdey's place already and quite possible met Ravers. They need to shoot their own stuff in glorious HD.