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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by soldierandy, Jan 18, 2005.

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  1. It is the first time I thought I'd have a go at Skill at Arms competitions with my unit's shooting team. Is it true that only issue kit is allowed?

    Are we not allowed to wear Magnums or COP vests?
  2. You're right - it's issue kit only. Although there's always one mong in the team who doesn't listen. A %age of your points can be deducted at the whim of the range DS, so long as they're consistent for all teams.

    Apocryphal tale: Although there was a year looong ago (when pistols were still legal for civvies) that a rule change on pistols meant that you could use any pistol on issue; and the enthusiasts started turning up to TASAM and RASAM with their own SIGs, on the basis that Hereford had them issued rather than Brownings..... they tightened up the wording pronto....
  3. Any Arrse members entering the NRA Service Rifle "civilians alongside" this year at Bisley?
    I missed it last year due to a knee injury, nothing quite like being 50 yards behind everybody else on the Queen Mary run down!
    However I do hope to complete this year and will probably use a Lee Enfield No4 which on a good day can out shoot me.
  4. I'll be there, doing the full fortnight this year with a bit of luck.

    Just need a team of strong men to bring back the silver I'm going to proff, I mean win :D
  5. I'll look out for you at the lunchtime queue at "Jennys", I shall be wearing my old tweed jacket to shoot in as per normal, all the other civvies will be wearing the latest can't get for love or money go faster combats.

    No change there then! :D
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Anyone want to try their luck on the Agincourt match ?

    300 yds at a Fig 11.
    Any service calibre rifle.
    Two sighters (mainly for those that use a 'borrowed' rifle) followed by up to twenty to score within sixty seconds.
    Shooter starts with wpn unloaded.
    A maximum of five rounds may be in the wpn at any one time.

    It's an interesting shoot.
    Various Enfields, Mausers, Nagants and Schmidt-Rubins will be in use, along with more modern eqpt and the odd Martini-Henry ! :D
    I imagine a number of site members may well be on the firing point......

    Oh, it's from standing by the way, but that'll be no problem for all you steely-eyed trained killers out there will it ?
  7. By the way where can I look up what the different trophies and cups are? What are the disciplines and practices required? We are starting preparing pronto and need to work on fitness too.
  8. Look for "Inf Trg Vol IV Pamphlet 20 Competition Shooting, 1997". Problem is that they're like hen's teeth, and even less likely to be correctly amended. At the start of 2004, Amdt 4 had been issued, and they were looking at moving it to CD-ROM, but lacking a copy of "Infantryman 2004", I couldn't tell you for certain.....

    You never know, they might put it on the electronic battle box this time around :)

    Bear in mind that your Divisional SAAM will have its own list of shoots; they'll be described as "ARA Match 2" or "The Roupell Cup". The first is the most correct name, the latter is the trophy competed for at Bisley by the Regular Army. (The TA will do the same match, but for a different trophy - Yorkshire Volunteers Cup, or somesuch - all described in Pam20). Some Divs mix in some easier shoots, or do the Pam20 shoots with easier targetry, so read the letter carefully

    Also; worry about Bisley once you've qualified at DivSAAM, but make sure you declare an "intent to compete at RASAM/TASAM" with Bde/Div, so that they know who wants to go.

    You don't need to be a racing snake, but you do need to be able to run with light kit and weapons at a steady pace over two miles with a sprint at the end. Your gunners need to be sprinters (ahhh, 400 to 300 and 16rds fired in 30secs, happy memories) as well as good shots.....

    Oh, and make sure that everyone has got a properly fitted respirator (easy) and has their sights set up so that they can aim comfortably while wearing it (get some dry firing done) before you start zeroing :)

    As ever, the thousands of gravelbellies on ARRSE will itch to show the fruits of their experience, so if you've any questions on training, just ask, and watch the arguments begin :roll:
  9. Cuts, is the Agincourt open to ex regs or is it a "serving only" match?
    I assume it's on Ash or there abouts as I can't see it listed in my copy of the Bisley Bible.
  10. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Henry, the Agincourt is a British Alpine Rifles match shot on Century - the very last shoot of the Imperial.

    It started as an Anglo-French one off but developed into an annual 'grudge-match.'
    BAR members may shoot for England and visitors/guests are allowed to shoot as 'Geonese mercenaries' for the cheese-eating surrender-monkeys who are often conspicuous by their unavailability for the comp.

    After last rd down, all competitors retire to the 600 yd point for booze & medals.

    Whilst it's not a particularly easy course of fire, it is a very enjoyable shoot.

    PM me for details.
  11. Would like to correct Cuts - on the Agincourt, it's up to 15rds in 1 minute, starting unloaded.
  12. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Yeah, Stoaty's right - fifteen rds it is.

    (I'm sure it must have been reduced to cater for those that can't hit a Fig 11 with twenty rds plus four reloads from 300 yds standing - in sixty secs !)


    (Edited to add time limit)
  13. It was limited to 15 rds, as this was the only way they could get the NRA to permit the competition! It was a compromise, down from unlimited! The justification was that English archers could supposedly fire up to 15 arrows a minute out to 300 yards at the battle of Agincourt.
  14. Hmm,

    Has anyone got a Pam20 "Competition Shooting" pdf file they could email me?

    I'm trying to find an up to date one, all our out of date ones seem to have been recently binned.