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Shooting staff SCT

Hi All,

I'm thinking of volunteering with the ACF. Currently CFAV with air cadets. I understand that shooting is a big activity in the ACF, and I also notice that the ACF seems to put a lot of emphasis on staff achieving prerequisite standards in certain elements of their training before being considered for promotion. I was wondering if the ACF requires its CFAVs range staff to undergo regular staff continuation training (SCT) in order to maintain a decent level of competency with the weapon system. In the air cadets, once qualified with SA(LR)07 cadet etc, we only have to RCO a few (maybe one or two) times a year to keep our qualifications. Surely as RCOs and safety supervisors/coaches should be able to demonstrate that they can shoot to at least CLF4, before being allowed to coach cadets? CFAVs rarely get to shoot, and if they do it's usually hurriedly at the end of the day. Certainly not enough time or rounds to brush up on skills.
I did a week with a cadet unit, quite a bit of range work and was told (to my surprise) that the CFAVs were not there to coach, and it seemed like they did not have coaching skills, certainly not formally.


All staff involved with weapons, either teaching or just supervising, must have an in date WHT for that weapon that lasts for 6 months. With range quals, you are expected to use them within a certain amount of time. If you don't, the TSA will probably want to supervise you running a range before letting you go solo again, which is fair enough. Same for ECOs.

Coaching is unfortunately an issue at the moment. It used to be a requirement for all new instructors but isn't anymore, so it is up to counties to get instructors qualified. We do have a shooting and coaching course that is to be run at county level, but it is currently optional.

Actual shooting is more of an issue, especially full bore, as range availability isn't as great. That said, if you are enterprising , you can always find a range somewhere, even if it is just a 25m barrack range. Giving the staff practice is a matter for individual counties again, but I agree it should be considered necessary. Again, an enterprising individual should be able to make this happen, it just requires someone to push it through!


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As they have removed the coaching requirement during training the ACF, It wouldn't be so bad if they said, if you are going the Range quals way, then you need to do the coaching course. Right from ARD/K qual.

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