Shooting, riding types - opinions please


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Now I am considering parting with a shed load of cash for a pair of Dubarry boots. However, the only person I know to own a pair said they were crap and fell apart within a year.

Does anyone own a pair of these and are they any good or am I going to be looking at wet feet in a short space of time?

Are you poncing in them or wanting them to actually do stuff? Can you afford to buy new pairs every couple of years?
I don't think so. Too many seams and too much fashion in them to really be up to it. A friend who is a regular rider and walker of multiple dogs burnt her pair out in a season. She has gone back to Hunters. I, being stuck in my ways, have never left them!

If you are going to spend that amount of money, go and get yourself a pair of Le Chameau, one of the high end pairs. I've never heard anyone dish them and you'll get a lot more life out of them then you will Dubarry.

Edited to add - Not getting at you but I'd never spend that amount on a pair of wellies. £250+ just seems to be a little obscene.


No recession chez Enigma then?


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Im not a poor student type just yet MSR :wink:

Le Chameau were the other option so thanks for that. You have just saved me a few quid!


I fancy a pair of the neoprene lined yard boots or muck boots ... not sure who makes them, but any farm supplies sell them im sure
I have used my dubarry boots for riding and while they have done a damn good job at making me look the part on the yard there is no replacement for my ariat boots for riding in and at least when they get covered in sh1t and mud i can just hose them off, and when I am on the yard but not riding the hunter wellies do the trick, I still can not bring myself to buy a pair of Le chameau, I just could not spend that much on wellies. Back to the dubarry's though I have got more wear out of them for fashion purposes and most of the decent riders I know (myself included) have not been swayed away from their proper riding boots.


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I dont mind paying for something if its good but if its going to fall apart within a season (christ I would freak at that!) then Im not going to bother.

Cheers for that Dolly


I bought the wife a pair about 2 years ago and they are doing well, they tend to be slim fit whichh means I cant wear them but I mmay splash out and get some custom boots made for me!
I tend to buy a pair of stalking boots every 2 years and they are also used when beating, shooting and generally working in the woods. With Hunter going t1ts up can you get the older boots repaired? I need a new zip in my sovreigns, owned them 7 years and one zip broke last season!