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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by properjob1965, Jan 23, 2007.

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  1. Please be careful with me..i'm only a mum!!

    Hi, This is my first i hope im not going to annoy you tooo much!

    My son is currently going through afc harrogate and has decided to join the Signals..does anyone know if there are shooting courses of any kind (he has dreams of becoming a sniper) or is that just for Infantry?

    Sorry if this is a totally stupid question! :blush:

  2. Your sons dreams may well change as he matures and forges ahead with his Army career. When a soldier is at the beginning of their Service life, becoming a sniper may appear glamorous and elite (which of course, all our sniper brethren are!!), but your son needs to remember he may be in the army for upto 35 years, he needs to plan his future early and make the best choices.

    Your son should discuss his future options with his PSO (sort of an in house careers advisor), he may find that his heart is set on the infantry and he will be happier and have a more rewarding career there.

    There are alot of opportunities to shoot in the Royal Signals. Most units train and enter teams in the Corps Skill At Arms Competitions, Divisional Competitions etc giving the opportunity to compete at the Army Rifle Championships at Bisley against the rest of the Army. Your son will also have the opportunity to become a Skill At Arms instructor (by passing a fairly difficult and demanding course), and may also become qualified to run ranges (all in the fullness of time).

    Hope thats useful.
  3. Being realistic, only the infantry have snipers. You can be a signaller in the infantry but you can't be a sniper in the signals.

    Signal skills will be useful to a sniper but if that's really something he's interested in he'd be better joining the infantry.

    Best of luck to him whatever he chooses, they're all important jobs.
  4. I can only reiterate this point Royal Signals Units do exceptionally well at most Divisional Competitions against all arms and a large number of Signallers gained entry into the Army 100 (best 100 shots in the Army) at this years Bisley. If he has a passion for shooting it may be the way ahead. If he really wants to be a sniper, infantry all the way.
  5. If it's Sniping he wants, then Sniping it is, but it's about an awful lot more than just putting bullets down a range. There are many skills involved and as already said, signals is but one.

    Tell him not to compromise - if he wants to Snipe, bin signals.
  6. On a positive note-he will get lots of range time at AFC, and if he is a good shot then he should try for his regimental shooting team-he'll get lots of opportunity to shoot the various competitions and can also try target rifle shooting later on
  7. Tell him he could actually join the RAC in a Formation Recce regiment , he will have to be a good signaller as its a major part of our job .But also we do have qualified snipers(and not the watered down ''sharper shooter'' title that some units have) Infantry are not the only corp to have snipers.
  8. If your son wants to be a sniper, then he should join the infantry each infantry battalion have a sniper platoon on strength. The infantry are the leaders in sniping, the RAC & RA (Fm Recce Ass trps, RA Sp OP bty) only came to sniping quite recently. They are trained by the Infantry at Brecon.
  9. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Actually unless things have changed you may find the Royal Marines offering more opportunities in this area.
  10. Our snipers were trained by the ''them'' loon from 4/73 about 5 years ago. Its a known fact that the best non-SF snipers are the Royal Marines.
  11. No paveway I reckon that title belongs to Gordon Brown:)
  12. Not necessarily true. As stated in the fulness of time he may choose to go AACC or P Coy or the long haired ones.
    Speaking from experience it is possible to gain your crossed rifles from AACC whilst serving in Brigade. Difficult but not impossible.

    I have only known 2 Sigs pers to have gained them, but there are probably more.

    Good luck to your son anyway he has just joined the best B-B-Q and impormptu Party organisers in the world.