shooting permission

Hi does anyone know any details of how to gain permision to shoot on the military training areas, when on exercise you see thousands of bunnies and ive heard about a punting licence any help would be much appreciated as trying to find any info is near impossible
As stated the areas are owned by Defence Training Estates, they are then managed by contractors like Serco. Other stakeholders are service shooting clubs, who run pheasantries and ground game shoots and the Defence Deer Management (who are the only people authorised to shoot deer on MOD land).

The contractors are required to manage the vermin, if they are a problem. They are only seen as a problem if complaints are made by tenant or neighbouring farmers or are causing damage to infrastructure (rabbits borrowing into traverses, butts, etc). Because of the liability issue, the contractors are very couscous about using non employees or sub contractors, but they should be your first point of contact.

If you're planning on using a firearm you’d have a lot better luck if you already have an open ticket as getting a letter off of the contractor in order to apply for a licence from the firearms authority could prove very difficult.

If the land is not a training area, it is then owned by Defence Estates and managed by the CO and a contractor. Be careful though, as a lot of COs do not the authority to allow shooting on their camp even though they think they do.

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