Shooting on the Isle of Man / Jersey / Gurnsey

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by smiffy_the_ferret, Apr 3, 2013.

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  1. Dear all,

    I am in the early stages of getting a job at a financial institute with offices on the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey.
    This has a delightful prospect for me, as I was about 2/3rd through the Probationary period at my gun-club when Dunblane happened.

    Do any of you have experience of keeping guns in any of these territories?

    Guernsey seems the worst from my preliminary research, as it adopted a lot of the 1988 Act into it's own legislation (so no centre-fire self loading rifles (of any make, much less the mighty L1A1)) and the local police force seems to be implementing a non-Legislative ban on keeping pistol ammo at home. (Goodness knows what happens if you have a revolver and a lever-action carbine that "eat" the same rounds!?)

    The Isle of Man maybe the best, despite a more northerly climate, as its larger overall, has more vacancies and seems to have really, really relaxed gun laws compared to what we've seen on the mainland, certainly since '88, and probably '68 too!
    However something troubles me - looking at the I-o-M gov't website:
    "Please note that all Firearm Certificates, regardless of the date of issue, will expire in April 2014."
    Information for Residents - Isle of Man Constabulary

    Does anyone know what this last bit is about? It sounds a lot to me like they're setting up for something like the Temporary Custody Order that seized all the pistols and the centre-fire rifles in the Irish-Republic in '72
    (Gun politics in Ireland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
    I'd be damn shame if I moved my wife and I out there, got licensed up, bought a pistol and then promptly have it taken off me!

    I was lucky - I got to have-a-go at shooting pistols, but I hadn't invested any cash in the sport. If I'd been a year older I'd probably have been FAC'd-up and have spent hundreds, if not well over a thousand on a few guns and the necessary ancillaries just before everything went pear-shaped. I saw a lot of unhappy faces in the club hut 1996-8.
  2. We have exactly the same situation here in Gt. Britain. For example, should you have a Section 1 Winchester Carbine in 44-40 and a Section 7(3) Colt SAA Model in same calibre, the ammo for the former may be kept at home but that for the latter must be kept at the Designated Site.

    And none of this bollox is adds to Public Safety by one iota.
  3. Oh, no Officer, *that's* my rifle ammo....
  4. Gurnsey????
  5. And a "Bump" to try and catch the eye of people who log-on once they're home from work.

    I've had a helpful P.M. about the situation on Guernsey. Anyone have first hand experience with the Manx?
  6. Bumpity-bum to try and catch the Sunday afternoon crowd.

    Any info on shooting-law on the Isle of Man gratefully received.
  7. Phone up the IoM Firearms Licensing and ask perhaps?
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

  9. Thanks to Ugly - there is some helpful information there.

    Yes, I'd found that already. But it's not so helpful a suggestion as you'd think, ooooh_matron, as the rules on gunsafes aren't up there, no the policy on how licenses are granted.
    It's one thing to know the letter of the law, but another to know how the guys enforcing it on the ground interpret it.

    One thing I've learnt keeping a "listening watch" on this very sub-forum is how patchy the firearms policy was from county to county, especially pre-internet and pre-FOI when the shooters could find out the rules on their patch and appeal against particularly harsh limitations.
    E.g. Stuff like this:
    The Chief constable of Blankshire in the 80s and early-90s regarded silencers/moderators as "the tools of assassins" and would dismiss applications for them out of hand. But his recent successors are amenable to the H&S argument that they reduce the risk of ear-damage, and they're a valid tool for vermin-culling.
    The old Senior-FEO in Loamshire was really good and understood the intent of the law, such as letting you have a single reinforced "gun-room" instead of lots of separate gunsafes, but he's now retired and has been replaced by a girly PCSO, who doesn't have the discretionary power to deviate off the "best practise" document and doesn't understand the difference between rimfire and centrefire.

    Stuff like that you can only really get from first hand reports. It'd also be interesting to know whether recently arrived Mainlanders are treated any differently by those in Authority than the life-long Islanders are.
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  10. I would suggest ringing them and ask them to explain this further:
    "Please note that all Firearm Certificates, regardless of the date of issue, will expire in April 2014."

    That sounds very peculiar, particularly as it hasn't roused much suspicion on forums, or in newsfeeds on the IoM shooting club pages.