Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by medman82, May 21, 2009.

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  1. Evening folks,

    Because my free time is now being spent clay shooting and rough shooting my air rifle gear is gathering dust in the garage. If anyone is interested I have the following bits and bobs for sale

    1. A 6 litre 300 bar divers air tank for refilling the rifle. I have the current test certificate, its in date until 04 May 2011, when it is due for a visual inspection only. For sale at £80

    2. A harris bipod. £35

    3. Air pressure gauge for filling rifle, fitted with 300 bar connection tubing. £35

    4. LOGUN Sweet 16 pre charged air rifle, 16 shot magazine and a real squaddies rifle, built to take some hammer, currently fitted with 3-9 x 50 telescopic sights with mildot. This is the MARK 2 variant, NOT THE MARK 1 WHICH HAD CHRONIC JAMMING AND STOPPAGE PROBLEMS. For sale £350

    5. Black cordura gun case with twin shoulder straps and five side pockets. For sale £35

    Or if you fancy the whole lot as a package....£500

    Delivery is always a possibility depending on where in the UK. Any other little odds and ends will als be thrown in free of charge, such as a few dozen shoot n see zeroing targets, filler adapters to convert the tank into a speed change system, cost about £20 new but they aren't going to be used any more.

    If you need a bit more info drop me a PM.

    cheers for reading

  2. Hi,interested in Sweet 16,will PM.
  3. Try and re-price the Harris (if genuine) at £50. £35 is a giveaway!
  4. Interested in the bottle and regulator.

    Have sent you a PM
  5. It is a genuine harris bipod, priced at £35 because at this stage its on sale to fellow shooters of the arrse variety and also on another web site for beaters and pickers up.

    I don't want to take cash and fleece people I like and respect, I want other people to get a bit of value for money for once in this shoite hole of a country.....if thats okay with you fluted barrel. Appreciate your concern etc etc. feel free to buy it and sell it on at a profit

    If I don't sell it on these forums THEN I'll hike the price and screw a civvie.
  6. I like your style medman :D

  7. Well said that man! Nice to see a good attitude towards people on here for once, rather than people just ripping the p!ss. Would be interested in the 16, but I'd only get myself arrested or shot, and I'm poor, and a poor shot to boot, probably better not :wink:
  8. Fair one mate, my post re-reading it does sound a bit short ect. Just an option if anything fails to sell.
  9. Cheers for the come back fluted you can see, I'm not one of your bed wetting, guardian reading liberals...and I've spent enough time working with the wedgies to be able to deal with straight talking people. So you don't want to buy it yet then could donate the extra to H4H
  10. 6-9" or 9-12"? I'm tempted but really dont need another. It is very keenly priced so I don't think it will be here too long. Again my apologies for sticking my rather large 'snout' in. :D
  11. Harris bipod just sold.....cheers folks
  12. I'll give the rest of the kit until Saturday then I'll be sticking it on Flea bay, apart from the rifle.