Shooting insurance - Country Cover Club?

Hi All.
I've just got my shotgun licence back after 10 years away from shooting and obviously need to sort some insurance out. I've come across an outfit called Country Cover Club who offer the following for £19.95 a year??

Country Cover Club • Home

Principal benefits:
◦Online store discounts at participating vendors
◦Supplier and venue privileges
◦£10m Country Sports Public Liability cover in the UK
◦£10k Person accident cover
◦£25k Public liability defence legal benefits
◦Daily hospital benefit

Bottom line it's a hell of a lot cheaper than anywhere else and being a synical old sod I reckon it must be for a reason so has anyone out there heard of them or used them before and if they are shite any suggestions please?

Cheers in advance WT


A friend uses them I think, seems happy with it but I pay a littyle more to the NGO as I get assistance in dealing with the pointy heads when needed!
and along this note, could any of the RFD's on the forum recommended a trade insurer?
getting no replys. talking to blue fin at the mo.


I let the wife deal with it as she is on the ball. Thought about trade associations?


Join BASC, they provide full public liability insurance.
Everyman and his dog does liability, its the extra money that BASC charge on top for member services which very few members ever need or use!
Thanks for the advice folks. I had a look on a few shooting forums and they actually shape up pretty well from what I can see so I've signed up for a year. Thanks again WT


I'd sooner join PETA than that bunch of backstabbing, empire-building choppers.
100% agree, like the NRA who often reply with you can't change things from the outside they resist change but BASC actively block you from standing for region or council and rely on members apathy to aid their inertia and maintain the status quo. How many ordinary members get invited to the shoots owned and paid for by themselves!

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