Shooting in the ACF

Discussion in 'ACF' started by low_on_ammo, Jun 19, 2006.

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  1. Name and shame your county first!
  2. Due to the current world situation and the constraints placed on our armed forces, priority understandably goes to the Army and TA when it comes to ranges and training camps. I know for a fact my county has had several shooting weekends cancelled due to Priority training needs of army units. Personally I would rather my cadets miss out on an opportunity to do a weekends shooting, than a soldiers life be risked due to insufficient training.
  3. I guess i must be a lucky one then, the det i run has an indoor range so i get the cadets to shoot at least once a month. Only problem i have had to date is waiting for the TSA to type out the RASP and get it to me. I got a small slap on the wrist for writing my own and going ahead with the shoot. With a small bore course under my beret i thought i could write my own RASP but maybe not!
    But i think our county has plans to remove the No 8's from us to save money.

    I don't think we have had to many problems booking ranges for fullbore. Thetford seems to be full of them and our unit always seems to get something for the day. That or my mate has sold his soul to the devil to get endless range days?
  4. Why dont you do your own RASP? Are you range qualified? if so, its yours to do and THEN send it to the TSA
  5. Not any more so i'm told. County HQ has told us that all RASP's and EASP's will be completed by the TSA and not by us. This is ment to save time and to make sure that they are correct with all the knobs and bells on them. I was told on my course by one of the chaps from 13 CTT that we should do our own and not let the TSA's do them. I agree, i would rather do my own and send them in but county has made the above policy now so i will just do as i am told....
  6. Cant see the point getting a range qualification then..that said..Hants ACF doesnt allow any AI of any rank to throw smoke, set up trips etc..even though the are KGVI trained...same gig...TSA's job.. but at least they do thier own RASPS
  7. Write your own RASP-EASP-RA ya numpty :?
  8. Surely RASPs are generic for the type of shooting we do?
    Ours are just a case of ammending those in place already which were given by the TSA to start with.
    As for availability of ranges if booked early enough should be ok, sometimes conflicts happen but as im sure you are aware we are bottom of the food chain. I have been booked on 30m barrack ranges , the Army turn up wanting to use it as we are already on, they are usually willing to share, training suffer but shooting still goes on.
    how about DCCT? or H/K conversion kits?

  9. oh dear, I read the headline and thought that there mnight have been a Dunblane type event involving evil instructors and innocent little cadets, but all I got was this.....
  10. The only problem I've ever found is they can run quite quickly.

    ........oh, shooting IN the Cadets!
  11. I wouldn't mind shooting in the ACF

    Shooting my muck in 'em that is! :wink:
  12. i think you will find that shooting in the ACF is illegal.

    just ask gary glitter.