Shooting in Craigavon

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RUCFOREVER, Mar 9, 2009.

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  1. Reports on UTV news of police officer shot in Craigavon,no further details as yet.
  2. Just heard it watching Spotlight on BBC. BBC news 24 and sky have both broke the news.
  3. Quelle surprise. :roll:

    Sky are reporting it could be fatal. Certainly not a good sign.
  4. Its bad news guys
  5. yes im afraid to say it is the worst news.
  6. Just seen it on sky website, bad news again.
  7. not good news, do you think things might actually kick off again over there though?
  8. Oh, hell, just what the UK needs right now, we're getting out of one operation and another looks to be kicking off again, albeit in a rather limited fashion
  9. No because we won't let it!!!!
  10. I think RIRA will have a few more attacks planned but hopefully it wont be enough to disrupt the relative peace we have had
  11. just been confirmed on bbc website and news 24
  12. Glad you added the 'relative' there.
  13. When? Do you have a link? If it's from your previous 'source', best kept off the site until its in the news mate.