Shooting from kneeling

30 years ago, during basic training I was told it was a valid alternative when shooting from kneeling to sit on my instep rather than the normal kneeling position; I found it much better. When I see soldiers on the ranges now I have never seen this. Is it still taught/allowed.
I was taught kneeling, sitting crossed legged, and sitting on the instep. No idea if it's still taught, but I'm not going back that far.
Yes it is still acceptable if you supple enough
supine, kill while sleeping
Perfectly allowable - I'd heard that they taught it on the sniper course, and that it only took a couple of weeks of stretching to get comfortable with it. The biggest problem from a service weapons perspective (rather than target shooting) is that it's slower to get into / get out of position.

I'm guessing you've got a long back...

Kneeling is the position where you're most dependent on your skeleton's proportions. If your shin is as long as your back, and you sit on the side of your foot, your right shoulder is going to be about level with your left knee - if you want to rest your left elbow onto your knee, your left hand will end up holding the flash eliminator...

There are ways around this. One slight improvement is that you sit on your heel, but you point your right toe so that it's the laces of your boot in contact with the ground; lovely and stable, fast to get into / out of position. Classic gravelbelly stuff, but it still leaves you with the problem of a left hand well forward (unless you want to shoot at clouds).

The way around this relies on having a bullpup layout; you don't put your left elbow on the knee like the nice pamphlet says, instead you rest the magazine on your thigh / pistol grip on your knee, and drop your elbows either side of the knee. You can now hold the handguard and still aim in front of you. Unfortunately, it's more "cramped" - so I'm not sure how well this works with a front plate and chest pouches.

The traditional solution is to try and sit on the heel while bending your toes to keep the front of the sole on the ground; the unfortunate thing about this is that your heel is free to move sideways, so you're trading stability for height.

The least stable solution is not to sit on the heel at all; just rest the right knee on the ground, but have the right thigh vertical. You can hold the handguard, rest your elbow on the left kneecap, and look at the target... but your pelvis is free to move in any direction, so it's no more stable a shooting position than standing.

The final answer is to practice, and see what works. It's a trade-off of speed against stability.

(confession - when target shooting, the wife shoots kneeling while sitting on her instep; I shoot kneeling sitting on the point of my heel. After three-quarters of an hour in position, it's not just your foot that goes to sleep - if the heel digs in to your arrse in just the wrong point, you end up with pins and needles in a very awkward place...)
I was taught it, and still use it, I find its a far more stable platform than the more widely taught "kneel up" position. Besides who cares wether its "allowed" You fire from a position that works for you, And if you can put targets down at 400m whilst standing on your head and its comfortable for you, then by all means do it, Im certainly not going to complain

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