Shooting for civvies - possible good sign?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Fiona_TG, Jul 7, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,
    Last night I got the following invite from the NRA. In essence it is an opportunity for a small number of members to have a go with some interesting guns, albeit single shot only mind. I have put my name down and, assuming I get on the list, will ask on the day how they managed to get this one approved, but I guess that it would require Home Office say so. Anyone else got any ideas?

    Either way it seems to me a possible encouraging sign, maybe not that the current restrictions are about to be eased, but at least not further tightened, hopefully.

    "Section 5 Historic weapons shooting
    With the kind assistance of the Army, we are also able to offer a truly unique opportunity for a limited number of Members to fire some of the automatic weapons from the Royal Armouries collection. This has taken a considerable amount of time to put together given the issues both around civilian use of Section 5 firearms, but also the historic nature of many of the weapons in the Collection.

    Exact details will only be available closer to the date, but will include some truly unique weapons alongside some more modern but still iconic firearms: MP40 Machine Pistol, MP44 (the first assault rifle from WW II), Sten gun, AK-74, AKM, SVD Dragunov and Hechler & Koch MP-5

    Given the tight restrictions on Section 5 usage by civilians, this can only be done whilst the range is under military control and we are very grateful to the Army for their assistance in doing this. In recognition of this, we will be looking for a substantial donation to our chosen military charity: Headley Court, for this opportunity".
  2. Hmmmmm at 200 quid a pop though.......
  3. Sounds like a fun day out.
    At least one of those is full auto only
    You'll get a bad back picking up all that brass!
  4. Yes, not a price I would like to pay too often. I'll have a go this time and stand aside if they do it again some other time.
  5. Ok, one fully auto sounds really good. I'll take a long handled dustpan and brush to help with the picking up :)
  6. Probably worth it considering what you are getting to fire.
  7. I think so as a one off. Not sure what looks the most exciting to me, maybe the MP40. I won't mention the war though, just in case :)
  8. Bit steep but then for many this weel be a one time opportunity and overall a good effort.

    Being a cheapskate however, this appeals more:

    Lectures and weapon experience

    Over the evenings of the 13th and 14th of July in the Umbrella Tent, the curators of the Royal Armouries will present two lectures:

    - The history and development of the Sub Machine Gun

    - The history and development of the sniper rifle.

    These will be about one hour, illustrated with some of the weapons from the Collection.

    Entry will not be charged, but a minimum charity donation of £5 will be collected for the Headley Court Charity.

    The lectures will be in the Umbrella tent at 8.00 pm on both evenings. Donations will be collected on the door.
  9. It's not everyday you're going to get a cabby on an MP44 or 40 is it...maybe a little rich but so what I reckon it's well worth it.
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    It would cost you that to get to the states and then some!
    Or you could just join the army!
  11. Oh, I thought it said "Shooting AT Civvies." Nevermind, then.
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  12. Alas the day was cancelled. Not had the official explanation yet but the person who I spoke to mentioned something about a range safety check that didn't go well. Apparantly this happened one/two days prior to the event.

    If this was the reason then I am slightly bemused as it seems to me one of the first things to have checked.

    I will be asking the head honcho when I speak to him if there is any chance the event will be reinstated at a later date.
  13. Hopefully it will happen and all will go well ,this must be the first positive thing for civvie shooting for years , not that I`m expecting Sect 5 to become legal for civvies.
  14. bugger, I was thinking of attending. OP please keep the thread informed if its a go in the future...

    one day UK sporting shooters will have pistols and semi-autos centerfire rifles back, we just got to keep the sport building and pushing for a re-write of the arms acts.
    I honestly think it is possible,
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  15. The thought recently occurred to me that, with the current overseas deployments, a whole new generation will have exposure to firearms not just for their work, but sport too (eg competition) and will have mixed with servicemen from other countries in the coalition (not just the US) that have more liberal firearms laws than we do. Coming back to the UK, which they've fought for, said generation might be asking some hard questions about why pretty much everybody else trusts their people more than HMG.

    Another good sign is that there appears to be more shooting magazine titles in WH Smith; awhile back, I even saw a WH Smith guide to shooting, which did surprise me.