Shooting Clubs

Anyone a member of the following:

offas dyke rifle club

Bassingbourne Rifle and Pistol Club

I was considering joining them, as I am very interested in long range shooting. Just wondered if theyare good clubs to join, having looked at their websites.


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I'm not a member of BPRC, but I did visit them a couple of times on shooting days when I was thinking of joining a club. From what I saw, they seemed like a good club, with friendly and accomodating members. Unless things have changed in the last 3 years, they're definately worth checking out.
Join Offa's Dyke.

Can't speak for the others but I doubt they have the number of fixtures that Offa's Dyke do.
Thanks for the replies Gents. I've been in touch with BPRC as they are close to me, and its easier for me to travel to a local range, and I have fired on the range before when I was based at Oakington, Cambs.

They seem very friendly. I'll let you all know.

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