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Shooting Clubs Germany

I am a member of both the main German shooting associations - what discipline(s) are you interested in shooting?
Do you have a UK FAC/your own guns? Do you speak any German?
Typical isn't it, you move to Germany and then they go and open a shooting club in Chelsea. Can't win sometimes ;)
not a member anywhere and would like to do long range shooting, dont speake german. as you can tell dont know much about the way it works but would like to start so any info would be great thanks very much.
Long range in Germany is 300mtrs. Most Jerries follow ISSF disciplines for air rifle/pistol, .22lr and 300mtr with 6PPC or similiar. These are very well catered for.
Without German you will have a problem passing tests required for a firearms license (which you do within the 1 year probation time at a club), but no problem of course for air rifle/pistol.
TBH, I found it too much trouble even to bring my UK guns over when I was still serving, and storing interesting kit in the armoury anywhere proved to be a 2 edged sword...
If you know where you will be based PM me and I can tell you what is available locally - it could be that they have decent club guns and enough English speakers to help someone keen along.

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