shooting clubs - Abergavenny area

I was hoping someone could point me in the direction of a rifle or other shotting club near Abergavenny.

I've done a quick google search and found mention of an Abergavenny Rifle and pistol club, but no contact details.

I'm feeling the need to get back into shooting again although being a lazygit I don't want to have to go to far to blat small holes in things. (Chav shooting out of the window isn't an option really, range is limited)

I've done a decent bit of target .22 and service rifle in the past, but I'm willing to try something new if it's all that is around.

Sympathetic_Reaction said:
Thanks for that, but the only ones linked from either site are over 30 minutes away at best.

I'll keep looking, as I said I've seen mention of an Abergavenny club but just no contact details, not even sure if it is still running.

... the other option is to contact your local Plod firearms department and ask them to pass on your details to a local club..

They will know where they are!

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