Shooting civvies

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Jan 1, 2006.

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  1. From the Sunday Times today :),,2087-1938212,00.html
  2. Bugger. I've just left the mob.
  3. I think it should be made an Olympic sport.
  4. I wonder if they would have shot Blair that time he did the runner from the Fathers for Justice? when he got hit by that flour bomb
  5. Thinking of joining them now? :D
  6. The same old plans from the Cold War period dusted off then?
  7. Just a NBC attack or any "serious incident"?

    Add another excuse to the plods list :roll:

    "Sorry sir we shot him 7 times in the head for attempting to leave a cordoned off area in a tube train, he looked contaminated to us"

    Still, sounds better than he looked like a bomber?
  8. Which is even better than "he was acting funny"
  9. Scenario was included in War Game which aired in - I think - 1968 so nothing new. Police power to execute included looters.
  10. How ironic, that is exactly 3200 mils different from the policy at the time War Game was made!!
  11. Unfortunately that just the way thats its going to be, only way to contaain this sort of incident would be to use lethal force. But don't worry by the time the copper that shot the lad on the tube train is in prison there wont be any armed police left as they will have all resigned!
  12. Now if the Army suggested that people would be howling for their blood.
  13. It will be the Army doing the shooting, the Police don't have the manpower to enforce any kind of large scale cordon, that's what CCRF was created for.
  14. at least playing resident evil for the next ccrf exercise has got too be more fun than listening to a breif aimed at pay grades way above mine
    and standing on a pretend cordon for hours . Showing some matelots how to brew up with a ration pack was the most intresting thing i did .
  15. Just as 9/11 was of such a scale that by force majure made nonsense of all planning for post-terrorist attacks, any excess sunshine bombs here would render all bets off. Whatever was planned - apart from the very basics - would be too disrupted to come into play. How do you plan for no medical facilities over some 300 mile diameter, communications and IT shock-waved out of existence? When I saw the film - accompanied by comments from one of Sandhurst's finest lecturers - I formed the opinion that the 3rd WW would be those who could into the bunkers. The rest were dead - destroyed even. Those who survived the bunkers for 3 weeks or so could come out and put their flags up as winners. MAD would have taken care of the other side and their 3 week wonders would have to see what they could do. Neither side would have any capability for warfare.