Shooting chronographs

No, I don't mean giving the old Rolex five rounds rapid.

Having moved house four times since I last used it I dug out my chronograph to find that:
A. The lead that connects the readout is missing and
B. The lead is some special variety that can't be swapped for a network or telephone one.


Well I might be able to find the lead somewhere or even order another but I wondered about just replacing it as it's not very impressive and surely there is something better available.

The one I have is a "Shooting Chrony Beta Model"

It was pitched as being computer compatible. Bought in 2006/7 this "computer compatibility " didn't mean a USB lead and CD, it turned out that I could buy an "optional IBM Interface". I don't think these people have seen a computer since about 1990. Needless to say it never did get connected to a computer.

It does work (well it did before I lost the lead) and I have no reason to think the readings are no good but it's a right pain to set up, it's like something out of the ark and although they are still selling them I wouldn't buy another.

Is there better out there? Surely there must be?
Frankly you'dbe better off with a sharp eye and a stop-watch than the thing you are talking about.

Just about anything on the market these days is good, and some are even wirelessly compatible with your iPhone, iPad, tablet, Blackcurrant, Raspberry or whatever, especially if you are one of these folks who has to tweet or parp or otherwise tell an uncaring world just how fast your bullets are going . Figure on paying out around £100 or so and junk the thing you have.

What is it exactly? I mean manufacturer/model. If it looks like a phone/network cable but isn't there is quite a good chance I might be able to make one if I know the specs - I can get a decent range of unusual RJ connectors individually so won't be landed having to buy 10000 to get 2
Do they still make crombo chronys?

Cheap and accurate.

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