Shooting at US Army Recruiting Center

Discussion in 'US' started by yank_eyetie, Jun 2, 2009.

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  1. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Very unfortunate, my sincerest condolences.

    The magnificent pluralism that was Islam has been hijacked by narrow minded fanaticists.

    My sympathies to the family.
  2. Shooter was a muslim revert?

    Get over yourself. The "shooter" was trash before he found Allah....

    Don't use your post as a chance to bash the decent muslims in the Ummah.

    Go and spend less time with your "Decades of the Rosary" Yank Eyetie and preach the fact that we're aw Jock Tamson's Bairns.

    Grow up FFS.
  3. Read the article:

    While authorities continued to investigate a motive, Thomas said Muhammad is a Muslim convert and, based on preliminary interviews with him, investigators believe there were "political and religious motives" in the shooting.

    Military officials initially believed the shooting was a random act, but Thomas said police believe the shooter acted alone "with the specific purpose of targeting military personnel."

    It would appear at the moment that the motive may well have been religious - perhaps it is you who should 'get over yourself'.
  4. I don't think so Gaikoku-jin...

    Muhammad/Mohammed etc acted alone... with the specific purpose etc...

    Just an excuse for an oddball to kick off. Oddballs will latch on to any belief/outlook that gives them confidence/reason de etre.

    He was an eedjit in anyone's language/creed.

    Baka des!!! So dayo!!???

    Honto desne?
  5. Hai, tabun baka des :)
  6. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Sparky, Gai-jin, STAND DOWN,

    This is a difficult issue:

    Yes new converts will take on extreme acts to prove themselves

    Yes, there could be other unknown reasons.

    Intelligence before the strike gentleman please. This is a sad event, we need to find out why.
  7. Aye, hindsight eh??

    If only he'd discovered the bigger world/equaliser/leveller that is the empty orchestra.


    Ayumi Ashida.

    Sakamoto Kyu.

    Need I say more? Get bladdered, sing yer heart oot, cope with the hangover (wherever ye wake up)... and probably miss work.

    It puts things into perspective...
  8. Pvt. William Long was 23

    Pvt. Quinton Ezeagwula is 18 and expected to survive.

    Thanks Sparky for making this into some sort of humour bit mixed with outrage that a Muslim was caught.

    Way to go Cnut
  9. Hahaha

    have you lived here by any chance?
  10. Mea culpa/shiigata ganai/inshallah buchra...


    This is the internet GB.

    You may not appreciate my take on things, but it's my outlook.

    I may not agree with your point of view, but I'd lay down my life to defend your right to say it - paraphrased from Voltaire (and his other nom de plumes).

  11. Sumimasen, goburei!! :worship: :worship:

    Sorry, my bad... Ayumi Ishida!! (Not Ashida).

    No Gaikoku-jin I haven't. I forego the chance to live in Yokohama and teach Igirisu, over four years ago. Instead I joined up again.

    The offer is still open, but being too auld for the JET program etc, I fear I may be too grumpy to put up with the big city over there.

    Kind of Bill Murray (Lost in Trans)... but could just pretend I'm a Gaijin/Gaikokujin who dosen't know any better??

    If I could study Tensh'in Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu there, my bags are packed!!!

    Thanks for the reminder though! :D

    O sewa ni nariimashta!! :worship:
  12. My condolences to the family of Pte Long and hoping for the best for Pte Ezeagwula.

    For the benefit of Sparky and gaijin this is subject derserves a little more respect and less wandering off track.

    Frankly I do not care if the perpetrator is Muslim, Catholic, Jew or whatever, I do however hope that Arkansas has real life imprisonment for such offenders. Death row would be too nice.
  13. It's humor, not humour. :wink:

    Suspect pleads Not Guilty

    Abdulhakim Muhammad, 23, of Little Rock, was charged in Monday's death of Pvt. William Long, 23, of Conway outside an Army-Navy Career Center in a west Little Rock shopping center. He pleaded not guilty to a capital murder charge and was ordered held without bail.

    A prosecutor said Muhammad admitted shooting Long and another soldier "because of what they had done to Muslims in the past."

    An FBI-led Joint Terrorism Task Force based in the southern United States has been investigating Muhammad since he returned to the United States from Yemen, a law enforcement official said. The suspect had been arrested and jailed in Yemen at some point for using a Somali passport, the official said. The time of that arrest was not immediately clear.