Shooting at Mosque in Christchurch NZ


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The conspiracy nonsense started seconds after the news came out. It's unbelievable how many people began to scream "false flag" soon after. Stupid youtube videos start cropping up on sites and people get sucked into it because a real world massacre doesn't look like a movie.

I even saw one idiot say that it was a false flag to direct attention from a certain Mr Tommy Robinson going to court to sue Cambridgeshire Police.
I looked up “crisis actors”. I wish I hadn’t. There some seriously malicious and unhinged people around - and novshortage if them hijacking the terrorist attack in Christchurch.

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Good. No need for anyone to have one of these outside of a decent club. It doesn’t restrict civilian styled semi autos afaik. So my M10 Winchester (.401) - still in NZ - is safe. But I doubt anyone could afford to buy the ammunition to go on a marauding attack with it (and it has only a 5 shot mag).

Classifying firearms by how they are "styled" is about as clever as creating a parliamentary instrument that bans something called a "zombie killer" knife.

Lets see if there now appears a market for AR15 actions in "civilian styled" wood sporting stocks!
A policewoman is seen as people attend the burial ceremony of a victim of the mosque attacks, at the Memorial Park Cemetery in Christchurch, New Zealand March 21, 2019. REUTERS
Is the headgear standard for NZ Pol firearms units or just the women?



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Oh I still look like a stumbling, tourist who is stepping foot on another planet. South Carolina still does that to me...

If you feel like that in Charleston feller - don't bother with Az Zubayr :)
Cheers Trigger. Self radicalising white guy meets another self radicalising white guy in the mosque. Parents can't believe their little darling could read nasty stuff on t'interweb...

"If [Havard's family] have any evidence they should provide it so we can deal with it, because we want to stop it."

I'm guessing nowt was provided.


I wouldn't be particularly critical of Cumbria Police myself (I moved away but lived most of my life in Cumbria)
However the structure of armed policing doesn't work for somewhere like Cumbria. It just in't practical. In the case of Derrick Bird officers did catch up with him at one point but were unable to do anything to stop him.
There should be firearms lockers in Police stations around the county with appropriately trained officers on shift. Similar would apply to large parts of this country.
Fat chance of that given this current government's enthusiasm for properly funding the Police Service - or properly funding anything except the DUP...
Alienates a sector of society, stifles their concerns and blames all its ills on them then wonders why this stuff happens.
Committee for Uniting the Northern Territory?
How’s this? Terrorist response organisation teaching scared kiwis yoga?
Team of Religions Opposing Terrorists Suddenly Killing Youths might work a bit better.
The coppers were armed.
The reason for them being armed are these.
All cop cars have firearms locked in a weapons safe in the boot in case they are required.
Generally, the police are not armed visibly but have the option to arm themselves if need be.
In the last three weeks prior to this incident, there had been a couple of incidents of the local crims in ChCh using firearms against the Police, which were in no way related to this outrage.
The Police Commissioner had given permission for all cops in the Canterbury area to be armed at all times. As far as I can ascertain, that permission was still in effect.
That may also explain why so many firearms were readily available to the cops last Friday.
This is the latest of arming of the Police in NZ, it had to happen I suppose.

Police around the country will continue to carry guns for the foreseeable future, while the National Threat Level remains at high.

All frontline police officers in all regions - rural and urban - have been instructed by Police Commissioner Mike Bush to carry guns while on duty "until we are satisfied that the risk to the community is reduced".

A police spokesperson said they could not give a specific timeframe on when that might be.

Police are unlikely to rescind the order to carry guns until the National Threat Level is lowered, which is a decision that lies with the cross-agency Combined Threat Assessment Group (CTAG).

All officers are carrying a Glock 17 pistol in their holsters, and have a Bushmaster M4 semi-automatic rifle in each police car. Officers tasked with protecting specific people and areas are carrying the Bushmaster on patrol.

Under normal circumstances, police in New Zealand carry pepper spray, batons, and tasers, though all are trained with the Glock and Bushmaster.

Police Association President Chris Cahill said that arming police officers meant the public could have more assurance knowing that police could respond to situations immediately, and reduce the possibility of copycat attacks.

In a 2017 survey of frontline police officers, 73 per cent said they would prefer to carry a firearm while on patrol.

Cahill said that "in general" the police association supported arming frontline officers.
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