Shooting and knife atttack in Sparkbrook

Currently being reported 'live' here though the initial incident occurred at about 1930 last night (Tue 2 Jul 14).

Even with my limited knowledge of Sparkbrook, such an event seems a bit extreme.

Sadly, the bad boy in me had a wry smile at this comment:

As reported in the Birmingham Mail:

We've just spoken to one Stratford Road resident who has told how he tended to the victims.
He said: “I heard two gun shot wounds go off and I decided to walk out the front door.
“I saw one of the guys who had been shot and stabbed.
"His mate had been stabbed with a machete and looked in a really bad way.
“Automatically, I ran back inside to get him some water and some rags to clean himself up. I put pressure on his wound and phoned an ambulance. He had a huge gash on his right arm that was cut open.
"The one who was shot was fasting because I gave him water and he didn’t want to drink it. I told him ‘Mate, your fast is already broken’.

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