Shoot up

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Romeo_47, Feb 15, 2007.

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  1. I must say that was a good shoot up against Ed Fodan who continually annoyed us non stop putting buildings by the naafi and blocking the way.
  2. Yep, the old mini-gun needed some major league pissing on to keep her going !

    BTW - Step away from the livestock !!
  3. The cnut put me in a cage in the end. Fecker. I found the connors bloodsucker can blow the things apart tho !!! Definatley a chubb of the highest order.

  4. Unfortunately it probably just encourages the little tit. Can we block him? he's still left some of his garbage on the island.
  5. He will be back for more, got him on my IM list but i wont be on till 5 finally feel better its just a small cold. He didn't have a clue what i was doing with the hand of god belt :D.
  6. Friking hand of god belt sucks, even after giving it the right command I may as well have been standing in front of wet tissue paper :thumbdown:

    Must search for a more effective bullet stopper, preferably one that doesn't turn you into a huge red blob.
  7. Can you find out peoples locations on SL without them knowing, i doubt our friend Ed will be back as often as he did :cheers: Thats him as well putting that picture of that woman.
  8. I can block him, or boot him if you want. Secretly, i think you all enjoyed your war with Ed far too much for him not to return. It only took a minute to clear away his litter, but if he really is a pain in the arrse he can be blocked. I'll play it by ear. You could always search for him and try and find out if he owns any land, then go there and drop loads of buildings and other detritus all over the gaff (if unsure how to drop crap everywhere, speak to Hudson, he's a pro).

    As time goes by, and the Island grows in popularity we will inevitably be visited by all manner of weirdo's from all over SL. Not all of them will play nicely, and thats going to be a fact of life. Let one of the island Officer group, or the CO's know of anyone who is being a proper throbber and we will deal with it.

    IMHO closing the Island completely to the rest of SL will be the death of the place.
  9. I kind of like the idea of a shoot on sight policy. We all need the pratice and what better than having our own moving target.
  10. He is a target needs shot every time he's seen no fuss just shoot.
  11. I agree, let the little spanker keep coming back, my mini-gun likes him :threaten:

    And if he does become too much of a pain in the jacobs then he gets banned, simple :plotting: