shoot to kill.... yes or no??????

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by scouse_security, Mar 24, 2006.

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  1. is it me or is it every time the police shoot someone they get it in the neck for using deadly force???? come on if someone is pointing a firearm or waving a sword around trying to kill some poor old lady on her way back from the shops, i would have to to slot the loon.

    do you thoink it is fair this is happening to the hard working armed officers???? tell me what you think
  2. I'm guessing News of the World.

    Possibly the Mirror.
  3. hmmmmmmmmm why not shoot to scare
  4. Maybe the Beano.

    Whizzer and Chips.
  5. Thin blue line: Police Federation Mag
  6. Possibly a Mujahideen criminal planning a crime spree?
  7. Armed with a samuri sword and a fag lighter looking like 9mm browning or suchlike
  8. Angler's Weekly.

    I'm sure of it.

  9. or even shoot to sue!
  10. he's been dismantling tables.......
  11. Christian Science Monitor or The Universe.
  12. shoot to tickle
    why not try getting there attention the next time? unhelpful coaching technique
  13. Re: shoot to kill.... yes or no??????
    Posted: Fri Mar 24, 2006 12:57 pm

    Armed with a samuri sword and a fag lighter looking like 9mm browning or suchlike
    Patrick tear that Frenchie rag down and put up a real colour

    any of yous remember the lad in manchester shoot dead for having a bb gun?????

    would you do the same?
  14. I have no objection to the shoot to kill policy, what I do object to is the different standards use between the Police and Armed Forces. When Policeman shoots and kills some one then he seems to get endless support at all levels. A private soldier in a war zone has just a split second to make up their mind whether to shoot or not. If he shoots and kills some one he seems to get thrown to the wolves.
    Locally the police here shot and killed a man lying naked in bed with his girl friend, the Policeman's excuse was that he was frighten courts dismissed all charges. A paratrooper Lee Glegg is one of five men that opens fire on vehicle that crashes through a road block in Northern Ireland and two young car thieves die. Now with out any forensic evidence to prove just who fired the fatal shots he winds up with life imprisonment sentence for manslaughter. If I complain I just want to see an even playing field both Police and Army, and lets face it the Army is in a war zone and if they make a mistake they die.
  15. totaly agree

    my dad was in in NI for a long while he also said that if you killed someone you were f**k unless you had a water tight case for doing it