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shoot to kill.... yes or no??????

is it me or is it every time the police shoot someone they get it in the neck for using deadly force???? come on if someone is pointing a firearm or waving a sword around trying to kill some poor old lady on her way back from the shops, i would have to to slot the loon.

do you thoink it is fair this is happening to the hard working armed officers???? tell me what you think
Re: shoot to kill.... yes or no??????
Posted: Fri Mar 24, 2006 12:57 pm

Armed with a samuri sword and a fag lighter looking like 9mm browning or suchlike
Patrick tear that Frenchie rag down and put up a real colour

any of yous remember the lad in manchester shoot dead for having a bb gun?????

would you do the same?
I have no objection to the shoot to kill policy, what I do object to is the different standards use between the Police and Armed Forces. When Policeman shoots and kills some one then he seems to get endless support at all levels. A private soldier in a war zone has just a split second to make up their mind whether to shoot or not. If he shoots and kills some one he seems to get thrown to the wolves.
Locally the police here shot and killed a man lying naked in bed with his girl friend, the Policeman's excuse was that he was frighten courts dismissed all charges. A paratrooper Lee Glegg is one of five men that opens fire on vehicle that crashes through a road block in Northern Ireland and two young car thieves die. Now with out any forensic evidence to prove just who fired the fatal shots he winds up with life imprisonment sentence for manslaughter. If I complain I just want to see an even playing field both Police and Army, and lets face it the Army is in a war zone and if they make a mistake they die.
scouse_security said:
Re: shoot to kill.... yes or no??????

any of yous remember the lad in manchester shoot dead for having a bb gun?????

would you do the same?
Or the man in London with an amusingly shaped cigarette lighter.
They wanted people to think they had a gun. They were successful.
Clegg opened fire when the vehicle was going away, as they all did I'm lead to believe. Also some story going round at the time that to make it look like the car had drove at them ,they, the para's broke the RUC coppers leg stating that the car had hit him. This was doing the rounds in camps in NI at the time of the incident. Clegg back in para's now though isn't he?
scouse_security said:
my dad was in in NI for a long while he also said that if you killed someone you were f**k unless you had a water tight case for doing it
You are so right. The UK would be a much better place if soldiers on MACP tasks could simply top citizens without having a good reason. :roll:

Anyway, there is absolutely no excuse for police officers shooting to kill. If Peter Parker can knock up a wrist mounted web thrower capable of ensnaring Doc Octopus, using his spare time and whatever happens to be lying around his bedsit, I’m sure SO19 must have done it by now.

So why aren’t more Brazilians being wrapped up like a chrysalis instead of offed inexpertly on the Northern Line? Surely this represents better use of taxpayers money?
yes you have lmfao

there was a shooting a few years back in liverpool (yer i know nothing new there then) when a nut case with a sword ran out a house and started waving it at police.. they did try to talk him into dropping the blade but no go so they put 3 round in to his center mass. hmmmm i think he got the message that time. that happend just befor they started to give armed officers baton guns opppps too late

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