Shoot on Salisbury Plain?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by foodie, Feb 8, 2011.

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  1. Does anyone know if there is a shoot syndicate on Salisbury Plain? I drive through it every morning and the amount of crows and pigeons that are about have me amazed. I'm going to call in on one of the farmers soon to ask if I can have a crack at some of them and this got me thinking.

    There must be a couple of shoots around here, either civvy or Military (although I doubt one of the Regts still maintains something?)

    Does anyone know of any contacts or syndicates with places open for next season?

    Or even if there is a central contact for SENTA and vermin control permissions.
  2. I have done, there really isn't much in Wiltshire as they are all large commercial shoots looking at complete bookings. I am waiting to hear back from a syndicate in Stockbridge and I may have found one in Malborough. I'm just surprised that there is nothing actually on the plain.
  3. There is definitely military shooting on the plain, or there certainly was when I was last there about 5 years ago. I will get in touch with a couple of my spies down there and see what I can find out!
  4. the RA have a shoot based on Larkhill and I am pretty sure the Sch of inf have one as well.
  5. It's the Bulford and Tidworth garrison shoot I believe. Had a nice day beating with them last year.
  6. There is definitely something run out of Warminster, quite possibly by HQ Inf. The best bet would be to get hold of HQ SPTA who would almost certainly hold all the details.
  7. Cheers guys will do some digging!
  8. Netheravon.
  9. Have you tried then local Landmarc. They manage the Defence Estate.
  10. sorted chaps thanks for the input!
  11. You might try to Phone the 2IC of 32 Regt RA, who is Chairman of the RA Shoot - fun and very friendly (The Shoot, that is...)