Shoot Cats

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Lifesaver, Oct 7, 2003.

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  1. maybe its me but i found that site quite funny

    getting quite good at it now :D
  2. I too found the site bloody amusing.

    I can get to level 8!

    If only we could get away with the real thing, just picture the damn thing coming out of the trap. MEEEEOOOOOOWWWW!!!

  3. Nice one!
  4. is quite legal to shoot cats as they are classed as vermin. As long as you do it on your own property, or a place you have permission to shoot on, you can't get into any trouble. The only thing you can be charged with is destroying private property, and this only stands up if it is on the owners blast away boys :lol:
  5. this is true. One of my mates has shot several cats with his bb gun at the moment his kill count is 3 not sure if it was at his own house though :D
  6. Cats cannot metabolise aspirin-feed it to them and they die from internal bleeding. A slightly less drastic method of discouraging them is a supasoaker water gun, filled with half and half water and hot chilli sauce-when they loick themselves clean they get quite a shock
  7. I couldn't hit a cat's arse with a shotgun....
  8. They say a cat will always,from any height land on its feet. Well, it depends on how hard you chuck em! :evil:
  9. Not true. Only yesterday I dropped a 2 stone tabby from Lippy's 15th floor one bedroom council flat in Tower Hamlets.

    Judging by the state of the young indian kid it hit at the bottom, I calculate that it actually landed on its head.

    Of course, the used incontinence pants of BB's I tied to its neck may have affected the aerodynamics, but the principal should still be the same.
  10. If you drop a piece of toast it land on the buttered side

    If you butter a cats back does it land on its feet still?

    Any scientists in the house
  11. Good one, I just pictured all terrorists and me shooting them! Yeah, wow, whoopee! 8)
  12. Will somebody please, PLEASE throw this cnut off a tall building?
  13. A simple plan: get a really big, black dog. I used to have one and watch it "scramble QRA" after the cats that came into the garden to shit. Not a very clever dog, though - once it managed to race to the fence completely missing the cat, and stood there whilst I jumped around like an utter c-nut, yelling and pointing. The cat looked around and quietly walked off.