Shoot an M1 Garand?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Beerhunter, Sep 10, 2012.

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  1. I am currently writing an article on Service Rifles and will need access at some time to a live M1 Garand (I am not currently planning to include the M1 Carbine) to shoot a few rounds through. I shall in the fullness of time be approaching the official channels in the UK. Maybe by unofficial routes. :)

    In the meantime does anyone know where I can put a few rounds though an M1, perhaps sur le Continent. I'm not looking for answers like: "Belgium" but rather more in the way of chapter and verse.

    We often travel to see family in Switzerland but, having left the Army, none of them have to shoot any more and so choose not to, so there's no point asking any of them.

    Any ideas gratefully received.
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Ask Stoatman, nicely, he had one last time we discussed this.
  3. Can possibly be arranged in Switzerland. I have the rifle (a Beretta one in 7.62 NATO) and the ammunition, but currently no rifle range access. If Viceroy can get range access, we can do this.
  4. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    The BDS range in Philippsburg near Mannheim might be an option, its on the way.
  5. Don't have an EFP right now, and they're 150+20 chf, so I'm not getting one till I really need one
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Feck, they are gratis here, or were last time I looked!
  7. If you want to look across the pond, I have range, rifle and ammo (the 30.-06/.30 cal. of course rather than the girly 7.62X51). We can also likely fix you up on other service rifles if desired.
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  8. And if Georgia law is like Missouri law, no silly registration or licensing crap to deal with, either! :)
  9. Indeed so--depending on the day, our local sheriff will be out there with us. :)
  10. But from a dealer you still have to fill out the paperwork for the Feds - however, private sales are just that, private.
  11. Yes, but supposedly ATF is not supposed to retain records further than a month after using the data for background check info. Apparently a law they were in gross violation of during the Klinton Administration.

    Actually the other day in the office we were discussing private transfers of weapons, and I believe the consensus was that one couldn't simply "give" someone else a firearm, a sales fee of at least a dollar must be exchanged for the weapon, and some form of documentation must be filed to record the purchase, but I'm hazy on the specifics as were the others in the conversation.
  12. I'm thinking about writing a book about flying Spitfires, firing Gatling guns and driving a Chieftan through Moss side. Can anyone fix me up with a cabby?

    Hey, someone had to - this was waaaay to serious...
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    He wasn't asking to buy just shoot!

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  14. The token payment is the formation of a contract of sale. Not really required though I would'nt think, for example if you give one as a christmas pressie you don't ask for a buck in exchange for the shooting iron.

    Point of interest: I was a plod down in the west country for a while many, many years ago. Back in WW2 the Yanks were billeted in tent town in and around the Savernake Forest area and the Downs. After D-Day at the close of the war there was much disposal of kit - burned if it could be or buried if otherwise.

    I knew a couple of the gamekeepers from a couple of the large estates and they were forever "finding" stuff, normally when the tractors had been through ploughing. It was not uncommon for M1's to be "uncovered", most were fit for the scrapheap, but sometimes, nuff said.

    Amongst the stuff buried were tanks, jeeps and Harley Davidson M/C's. A friend, of a friend, of a friend of my cousins friends auntie used to be a metal detector anorak and was involved in recovering 3 Harley's. A trench had been dug, lined with tarps, the bikes ridden in, de-fueled, greased, covered and buried till discovered some 50 years later.

    Can't remember what its called now but when you come off J15 of the M4 and turn towards Marlborough about a mile down the road (visible from the road) on the right is an old WW2 range - the old style target frames were insitu too. There used to be wadges of old brass knocking around there and the backstop was full of lead - that some of the local reloading community used to go and re-cycle.
  15. ...But seriously... you could just ask... Garand.jpg