Shoney Shiney Rarden shot glasses


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In time for Chrimbo, doris's moisten for them, buy her this instead of perfume.

A 105mm base,
4 x 30mm rarden shot glasses
1 x .50 cal carrying handle.


Auction ends 19th @ 19:00 hours, delivered intime for yuletide.

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100 finest pounds of cashy money

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Have you had a Christmas bonus Mac?
I bloody wish!
Nah, no bonus, I just stole Sluggys bank details

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Auction won by Camm1 for a tidy £110

Account: HSBC - Holidays4heroes
Sort code: 40-12-09
Account number: 41416081

PLease PM me an address and I'll get it sent out.


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Yeah he's keeping it with my bayonet the idle ****.
You'll get it one day, I'm still waiting for an wooden SLR butt with capbadges from nearly 2 years ago ;-) (subtle hint, PG/H4H)


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jarrod, I thought "your bayonet not turning up" was a euphemism. My condolences.

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