Shogun ABS



Can any of you guys give me some advice please?
just to go with my recent run of bad luck, the ABS light on my Shogun has come on and when i was driving i t felt like the ABS was in action making the whole car judder in a pulsing motion. When i checked there was a burning smell from the back left disc. I only had the pads changed on the rear 2000 miles ago.Do you think it could be a sticky caliper as its only one brake that seems to be affected. Its undriveable now as when it does start pulsing (not all the time) i have to stop, switch off for a minute and its ok again.On one or two occasions, it started pulsing then gradually got better until it stopped. My last resort is to go to a dealer but i would like some advice first so as not to get ripped off. Its a 2001 LWB 3.2 Diesel. Cheers
Hi mate

A common problem with these cars is that sometimes when the rear brakes are renewed, only one shim gets fitted (as per original spec), and this can make it squeal/stick. Mitsubishi have realised this - you'll need the modified shim kit with 3 shims, part number MR510546. Prices may vary a little, but the ballpark is about £4 +vat for the kit.

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